Award winning technology

For more than 60 years, Bihler has been a market pioneer offering future-oriented production systems and manufacturing solutions.

In 1956, Otto Bihler developed the world’s first stamping and forming machine, and then, in 1987, the world's first software for the design of stamping and forming tools. In 2000, the fully servo-controlled BIMERIC forming system revolutionized the world of stamping and forming technology. A further highlight and milestone followed in 2011: This is the year when Bihler was awarded with the German Innovation Award and the Innovation Award for Climate and Environment for the development of the resource-conserving narrow band forming and laser welding process (SUL).

We will remain committed to ensuring that users of Bihler technology gain competitive advantages thanks to innovative new developments from our company.

60 years Bihler – a success story

The Anniversary Chronicle offers a multitude of information about people, machines and milestones at Bihler. From the earliest beginnings, through some less serious anecdotes about Bihler veterans, and on to our technology in everyone's daily life.