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Bihler Technology for E-Mobility

Halblech, 02.02.2021 – Electric mobility is gaining more and more momentum. Bihler has been involved intensively in the research and development of this new technology for several years and already offers groundbreaking automation solutions.

Automotive suppliers use these solutions to produce battery cell and module connectors completely mounted in carrier frames, ZSB circuits for direct drives, shielding sleeves, busbars as well as hairpins for stators.

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Bihler Retrofit Package

Modernize your machinery!

Halblech, 21.01.2021 – Upgrade your existing Bihler machines for new tasks. With the cost-effective BC R Retrofit package, this can now be done quickly and easily in three steps:

- We deliver the required machine components to your site.
- Service technicians will then retrofit your machine and install the BC R control system.
- Commissioning and approval.

Time required for the entire process: approximately one week!

The advantages of doing the retrofit: The machine is up to date, with full spare parts support, and as an option, network-capability for the digital age.

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Customer Support Campaign extended until 31.03.2021

Halblech, 05.01.2021 – We have put together for you an attractive selection of exclusive offers to help you once your production is running at full speed again.  This is a great opportunity to invest in the latest technologies and invaluable know-how that will keep you working with improved efficiency, and that will ensure you are perfectly positioned for future projects.

- The Bihler training team is ready for you with new online training courses.
- With our AR Remote Service, you can save significant amounts of time and money.
- Our service technicians will evaluate your equipment, and will suggest practical ways to modernize your machine.
- Bihler original spare parts, as well as refurbished machines, are available for immediate delivery - at special prices.

We encourage you to contact us now, and take advantage of these exclusive offers.

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Save time and money

Halblech, 01.07.2020 – With the new Bihler Augmented Reality Remote Service, we now support you even more efficiently in the operation of your Bihler systems. Together, we solve potential issues in the form of a video call much easier and faster. We are using the latest AR technology compatible with smartphones, tablets, and AR headsets.

In real-time streaming, our service expert virtually looks over the shoulder of your machine operator and guides him step by step. Graphic highlighting of real objects in the operator’s field of vision facilitates handling. Your advantages: You benefit from precise remote diagnosis, save time and money and can continue production immediately in most cases.

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Bihler supports mask production

Bihler supports mask production

Halblech, June 22th, 2020 – Bihler is breaking new ground during the Covid-19 crisis: Every day, the expert for stamped and formed parts produces up to 40,000 wires for certified mouth and nose masks for the automotive supplier Zettl.

The request of the Bavarian company Zettl barely reached Halblech when the Bihler team had already developed an automation solution for the wires based on the highly standardized LEANTOOL tool system. Implemented on a GRM-NC servo stamping and forming machine, the lean production process delivers 120 ready-to-install mask wires per minute. The wire is bent in four steps in the circular bending tool and cut off by means of a separating module. Between 30,000 and 40,000 finished wires are then sent to Zettl for further processing every day.

Image: Mathias Bihler (Managing Partner)

The world keeps turning

Halblech, March 10, 2020 – Even in a highly technological world you do not have everything under control. This is shown by the current crisis. At the WIRE, we wanted to present you our latest developments. But security and protection comes first!

Nevertheless, here is one of our highlights: the efficient manufacturing solution for hairpins based on Bihler servo Technology. The BIMERIC production system with standardized machining processes combines all required process steps: starting with the highly dynamic, slip-free feeding of the wire, NC-controlled mechanical stripping of the coating, simultaneous chamfering of the pin ends, pre-bending and 3D die bending, all the way to the final measurement of the component geometry and inline readjustment.

Designed for industrial production

Variant changes take place “on the fly”. The output on the servo system is between 60 and 120 hairpins per minute, depending on variant, wire cross-section and pin length. The cycle speed is therefore around three times higher than with sequential systems, making the BIMERIC ideal for industrial production. Another advantage: Additional bending machines, cost-intensive peripheral equipment as well as space requirements can be reduced by using this complete system.

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Successful cooperation

Halblech, 14.11.2019 – Armin Chiesola (Member of the Board of Managers / Head of Sales at Meusburger) and Mathias Bihler (Managing Partner) are proud of the successful cooperation of their companies. Bihler and Meusburger developed the first standardized stamping and forming die sets with Meusburger standard parts for Bihler NC presses. The new die sets in types 'tunnel cut' or 'spring-loaded guiding plate' are significantly more cost-effective and available from stock.

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A passion for Bihler technology

On September 21-22th Swedish and Danish Bihler technicians met for a reunion in Denmark. The eight men are managers, tool designers and tool makers with an overall experience of more than 300 years in Bihler technology. They have come together regularly every year since 2003, one year after their mentor Fini Malmros so tragically passed away. All of them have a background at Lesjöfors Fjäder AB. Today some of the members are at Lesjöfors and others are in other businesses, but still, with connections to Bihler. The team thanks Roland Nielsen for hosting them in Denmark.

Front row: Guiseppe Campora Denmark, Mr. Finn Rasmussen Denmark and Mr. Jonny Andersson Sweden.
Rear row: Mr. Roland Nielsen Denmark, Mr. Bjarne Petersen Denmark, Mr. Stig Nord Sweden, Mr. John Sörensen Denmark, Mr. Bengt Persson Sweden.

Standardised stamping and forming die sets for Bihler presses

Standardised stamping and forming die sets for Bihler presses

Halblech, 15th July, 2019 - In a close cooperation Bihler and Meusburger developed the first standardised stamping and forming die sets with Meusburger standard parts for Bihler NC presses. The new die sets in types 'tunnel cut' or 'spring-loaded guiding plate' are available for stamping presses with forces up to 400kN.

The standardisation of stamping and forming die sets has great advantages: they are significantly more cost-effective, and they are available from stock. The die sets themselves also offer many product advantages – from precision alignment edges to practical anti-rotation protection, as well as helpful mounting threads in the plates for pull handles, eye bolts and spacer discs, and useful vent holes.

Stamped and formed part manufacturers who already own a Bihler NC press can obtain the exclusive stamping and forming die sets quickly and easily from Meusburger. Those considering the purchase of a new Bihler Servo stamping and forming machine type RM-NC or GRM-NC with die set will receive an offer from Bihler for the entire package, made up of the NC stamping and forming machine including the suitable standard stamping and forming die set from Meusburger.

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Supplier Innovation Award for Bihler and Schürholz

Halblech, April 29th, 2019 – At this year's Brose Technology Days in April, Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG and Schürholz GmbH received the Brose Supplier Innovation Award.

The two companies received this award from the world's fourth-largest automotive supplier in recognition of their outstanding innovative achievements and excellent cooperation. Together with Brose, Bihler and Schürholz developed a pioneering production technology for manufacturing housings for actuation motors. Bihler's modular BIMERIC servo system served as the platform for a wide variety of machining and assembly processes such as stamping, bending, laser welding and the patented joining of covers and housings. The innovative combination of these processes has led to cost reduction, material saving and weight reduction.

Mathias Bihler, Managing Partner at Bihler, emphasizes: “The award highlights the great innovative strength of the Old Economy in mastering essential issues such as material efficiency”.

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