Standardized Tool Kit

With the LEANTOOL System you now implement new radial and linear bending tools easier, faster and cheaper.

The modular system impresses with perfect consistency from planning through design and manufacturing all the way to production on Bihler servo-controlled machines.

You benefit from shortest implementation times, up to 70% lower costs compared to tools on mechanical machines as well as extremely fast “Time-to-Market” for classical stamped and formed parts as well as more complex progressive components.

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Implementing new tools according to the linear, progressive and progressive component principle

Highlights at a glance

  • Up to 70% standard tools regardless of task
  • Up to 50% lower manufacturing costs compared to conventional progressive tools
  • Simpler tool technology, since tool movements from 3 sides are performed by the machine by default
  • No strip lifting in the tool
  • Less material waste compared to conventional progressive tool solutions


LEANTOOL Linear combines the strengths of traditional progressive tool technology with the strengths of Bihler machine technology. The tools consist of a large number of standardized tool parts made of standard parts and blanks. The machine allows individually controllable movements that can be implemented from above, from below and from the side. All this reduces the overall effort and complexity in the tool and guarantees simplicity, speed and safety.

Here you can find many successfully realized LEANTOOL solutions.


LEANTOOL tooling kit for standardized radial and linear (progressive) stamping and forming tools
Bihler LEANTOOL tool kit for standardized radial forming tools (bushing)


Implementing new tools according to the radial principle

Highlights at a glance

  • Up to 70% standard tools regardless of task
  • Up to 70% lower manufacturing costs compared to conventional radial tools
  • Bending in the ideal grain direction
  • Strip width in accordance with part width: production with minimum material waste
  • Optimum bending angle infinitely adjustable


LEANTOOL Radial is an intelligent optimization of the existing Bihler radial principle. Thanks to the innovative features of the (G)RM-NC servo machines and the servo-controlled bending units, the number of parts in a LEANTOOL radial tool can be reduced to a minimum. The tool parts also consist of 70% standard parts, and do not have to be reworked or only have to be reworked slightly.

Here you can find many successfully realized LEANTOOL solutions.


Standardized stamping and forming frames

In close cooperation with Meusburger, Bihler has developed standardized stamping and forming frames with Meusburger standard parts for Bihler NC presses. The new frames “tunnel cut” and “spring-loaded guide plate” are available for NC presses with forces up to 400 kN. The standard stamping and forming frames are significantly more cost-effective, and they are also directly available from stock. 

Quickly and easily

Producers of stamped and formed parts already using a Bihler NC press can obtain the exclusive stamping and forming frames quickly and easily from Meusburger. If you are considering the purchase of a new Bihler servo stamping and forming machine RM-NC or GRM-NC including tool, you will receive an overall offer from Bihler consisting of the NC stamping and forming machine including the suitable standard stamping and forming frame from Meusburger. (article in "b on top")

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Benefit from our vast experience

Our LEANTOOL experts support you in finding the solution for new stamping and forming tasks.
As early as the bidding phase, they demonstrate how to plan a new stamped and formed part perfectly and offer it cost-effectively.

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