Safely powered

Whether you want to listen to the radio, switch on the shaver or enjoy a cup of freshly made coffee: The sockets that supply these devices with electricity can be found everywhere - like the pictured triple socket outlet from Switzerland. Its inner workings conceal a sophisticated interaction of very different parts: from the metal baseplate through a range of plug contacts and on to the casing.


The solution for the complex production of this assembly consisting of 19 parts is provided by the Bihler BIMERIC BM 3000 servo production and assembly system. This end-to-end system starts by manufacturing the spring clips before then stamping out the baseplates and welding the spring clips to them. The assembly is then inserted in the casing, the intermediate plate is placed in position and the plug contacts, which are produced in parallel, are attached. In this way, 15 ready-to-use triple socket outlets leave the production line every minute.


Sockets manufactured with Bihler technology
Hydraulic plug-in connector manufactured with Bihler Technology

Power hydraulics

Agricultural and construction machines commonly use hydraulic systems to drive their work units. Electrically controlled hydraulic valves ensure that the pressures in these systems are regulated safely and reliably. Three and four-point connectors for hydraulic valves are made on a BIMERIC BM 4500 servo production and assembly system. The contact part is made first. It is punched, stamped and drawn, then a thread is cut.

Next, the connectors are assembled. The BIMERIC BM 4500 inserts a screw, adds the casing, separates the contact part, and then fits out the assembly in a pick-and-place operation. The process is exceptionally reliable because the stamped and bended part is handled directly on the punch strip. Up to 80 connectors a minute in 16 variants can be made on this end-to-end system. Changeovers from one connector type to another are managed by a central control system and can be completed quickly and easily in under 30 minutes.

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