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„Contact at the touch of a button“

Micro-Buttons, Electronics

Whether for a remote control, phone or laptop keyboard: Micro-buttons in the form of so-called short-stroke buttons or keys are a long established part of many manually operated device interfaces. These components, which measure only a few millimeters must ensure extremely reliable switching and provide a sealed contact system in order to establish or break the electrical contact depending on the switch position. A highly efficient solution for the production of pushbuttons at a speed of 240 parts per minute was recently implemented on the BIMERIC BM 3000 servo production and assembly system.

240 short-stroke buttons per minute

The system takes in the pre-punched strip from the spool, checks the injection molding on the strip by means of a camera and then performs the cutting and bending operations. The part is then fitted from behind with up to three snap washers. The cover is then mounted, again from behind, and a check is performed to ensure correct engagement. The camera inspection and the electrical and mechanical function testing of the pushbutton are then performed. Following laser marking, the OK parts are automatically picked and transported on top the packaging plant. Alongside the high performance it offers, the system excels thanks to the Bihler servo technology, which ensures top quality and the ability to adapt the setup quickly for further switch types.

Bihler Technology for contacts and connectors



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