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„A perfectly shaped connection“

Ring-Shaped Contact Lamella, High Current Contact

The new ring-shaped contact lamella, which was recently developed for high-current contacts in transformers, switchgear cabinets and circuit breakers, looks almost like a work of art. It consists of a sprung stainless steel carrier strip with riveted lamellar bands and, compared with conventional coils spring contacts, has the advantage of ensuring a constant, low contact resistance coupled with only minimum heating of the contact even when subject to permanent load. And the manufacturing process is every bit as innovative as the component itself.

End-to-end process

This can take place particularly quickly and reliable on a BIMERIC BM 3000 servo production and assembly system and a B 20K welding system combined with a RZV 2.1 radial gripper feed. The output performance runs to an impressive 100 lamellae per minute. During the operation, the system performs all the necessary cutting, bending, stamping and welding steps, as well as the removal of the waste material, in a single, end-to-end process. During the crucial contact welding step, the compact radial gripper feed system ensures the highly dynamic, precise feeding and positioning of the strip material.

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