Protection against electrical surges

Stamped and formed parts as well as assemblies manufactured on Bihler production systems simplify our daily lives and offer safety and security. For instance, circuit breakers. In the event of a short circuit, they guarantee a safe shutdown and protection against overload.

A central component of circuit breakers is the unalterable trip-free mechanism. This assembly ensures immediate triggering in the event of a short circuit, even with the control lever actuated or held in the ON position.

The freely moving component is manufactured on a GRM 80P stamping and forming machine by one of our customers at a rate of 200 parts per minute. This high productivity is also achieved for the remaining components of the circuit breaker, which can be smoothly manufactured using various other Bihler production systems.


Safe mains supply

NEMA sockets are a common type of mains power receptacle used in the United States, Canada and parts of Asia. NEMA receptacles are designed for voltages of 125-600 volts and currents of 15-50 amps. It goes without saying that safe and simple use is the number-one priority. A key part in these receptacles is the connecting piece that carries the mains current to an attached electrical appliance or other load.

In the USA, this connecting piece is made on a GRM 80 mechanical stamping and forming machine and a BZ processing center. Together, they carry out all the necessary steps, from punching and bending to thread cutting, screw insertion and assembly. These two Bihler systems, working in three lines, produce roughly 300 of these receptacle parts. There are around 80 variants of the final product. The Bihler machines, running 24/7, excel in terms of their reliability. They also operate as smart network, which allows them to buffer production – a valuable capability.


Power hydraulics

Agricultural and construction machines commonly use hydraulic systems to drive their work units. Electrically controlled hydraulic valves ensure that the pressures in these systems are regulated safely and reliably. Three and four-point connectors for hydraulic valves are made on a BIMERIC BM 4500 servo production and assembly system. The contact part is made first. It is punched, stamped and drawn, then a thread is cut.

Next, the connectors are assembled. The BIMERIC BM 4500 inserts a screw, adds the casing, separates the contact part, and then fits out the assembly in a pick-and-place operation. The process is exceptionally reliable because the stamped and bended part is handled directly on the punch strip. Up to 80 connectors a minute in 16 variants can be made on this end-to-end system. Changeovers from one connector type to another are managed by a central control system and can be completed quickly and easily in under 30 minutes.