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NEMA sockets

So-called NEMA sockets are the standard connector type used for the mains power supply in the USA, Canada and many parts of Asia. Unlike the European design, they have three plug connections with flat connectors for the phase and neutral conductors and a round grounding contact. NEMA sockets are designed for voltages from 125 V to 600 V and currents of 15 A to 50 A. These sockets are extremely complex components with many individual parts. These include, for example, the base plate, the connecting terminals, the casing, screws and plug contacts. In the USA, Bihler of America Inc. has been manufacturing NEMA sockets for more than 35 years. It supplies them as finished end products and performs all the necessary manufacturing operations for all the plastic and metal components.

Successful products made by Bihler

While Bihler of America manufactures all the required plastic parts on Arburg injection molding machines, the metal parts are produced on a GRM 80 stamping and forming machine and a BZ 2 processing center. These are complemented by a number of special machines which have been developed and built inhouse by Bihler of America and are flange-connected to the Bihler equipment. These house all the process modules for welding, thread cutting, screw insertion, feeding, testing and marking. All the systems are connected to one another via a pallet system, meaning that component production can continue even if an individual machine has to be shut down, for example for maintenance work. In this way, a complete line produces 120 finished and packaged sockets per minute and ensures an outstanding level of efficiency and automation – all adding up to a successful product made in the USA with German Technology.


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