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Focus on e-mobility

The automotive industry and its suppliers are undergoing fundamental change. Sustainable mobility is playing an increasingly important role. Alternatives to the internal combustion engine are currently being developed at full speed. Hybrid vehicles (HEV) are the transition to fully electric vehicles (BEV).

Bihler already offers the market pioneering automation solutions for electromobility and the rapidly advancing electrification of automobiles. These solutions enable users to manufacture a large number of hairpins for electric motors and battery cell connectors completely mounted in carrier frames – efficiently, flexibly and economically. Bihler automation solutions are also convincing in the production of ZSB circuits for hybrid motors as well as in the manufacturing of shield bushings and complete HV connectors.

Move the world of e-mobility with us!


More than 30 years of experience in hairpin technology

Trendsetting automation solutions for e-components

Providing the power

The battery powering an electric vehicle consists of a large number of individual cells that are connected to one another by means of a cell contact system. It is important to use a high-performance cell interconnect which minimizes power loss, ensures the best possible equalization between the cells and is also suitable for a fast, uncomplicated assembly.

In practice, the illustrated cell connectors are manufactured and mounted in the carrier frame on the BIMERIC BM 6000 servo production and assembly system.


Advantages of Bihler Technology:

  • All-in-one production on one single system
  • Highly precise production of interconnects
  • Assembly of interconnectors together with other connecting parts in carrier frame
  • Output: 4 completed cell holders per minute

Electric motor efficiency

The advance of the electric-powered vehicle is a key emerging trend today. The business potential associated with electric vehicles is therefore huge. Bihler is actively involved in research and development in this new field of technology and is already supplying machines and systems on which important components for electric motors can be manufactured.

The BIMERIC BM servo production and assembly system is one of these systems. A customer uses the modular system to produce hairpins, which are responsible for the safe and efficient power transmission in electric car motors.


Advantages of Bihler Technology:

  • Highly flexible production of hairpins made from round and flat wire
  • Change of variants "on the fly"
  • Output: 60 - 120 finished hairpins per minute
  • All-in-one production: stripping, chamfering, bending, forming, adjustment, and final measurement of the part’s geometry


Racing ahead

The heart of any electric motor is the internal conductor coil. When current passes through it, it generates magnetic fields whose force is converted into kinetic energy. Depending on its design, the coil consists of an electrical conductor with multiple windings in the form of a wire or strand. At the heart of each primary winding is a u-shaped winding element.

The winding element shown here is used in the electric motors of e-bikes. It is manufactured on a hybrid RM 40K stamping and forming machine with NC units.


Advantages of Bihler Technology:

  • High output rate with 100 parts per minute
  • All-in-one production with isolation from the copper wire, notching, bending, cutting
  • NC unit allows for easy corrections when bending the wire
  • Perfect integration of RM 40K in a higher-level production line


Secure shielding

Shield bushings are used in charging plugs. They protect conductive components or circumferencial components from electrical or magnetic fields.

The delicate shield bushings are manufactured on a GRM-NC servo stamping and forming machine equipped with a modular LEANTOOL progressive system.


Advantages of Bihler Technology:

  • Cost-effective, highly standardized tool
  • Very fast time-to-markes
  • High output with up to 500 parts per Minute (when LEANTOOL is transfered to a BZ high speed machine)
  • Precise manufacturing of delicate components
  • Fast, 100% reproducible variant change

For the perfect fit

In modern vehicles, vast quantities of electronics ensure the precise positioning of a wide range of different components. The motor housings are of particular importance. They must fit precisely around the internal components and must have exactly the right diameter. In this context, the construction of double-walled motor housings is particularly demanding. This form of construction increases the performance of the electric motor. At the same time, less force is required for forming and calibration.

In practice, these double-walled electric motor housings are manufactured on a GRM-NC servo stamping and forming machine.


Advantages of Bihler Technology:

  • High output rate with 45 to 55 parts per minute
  • Flexible production of the different housing variants
  • Extremely short setup times and one hundred percent reproducibility

Important interface

ZSB circuits are used in hybrid vehicles. They are used for contacting the single-tooth stator coils in the electric motor. The coil wires are contacted at the respective stamped protrusions. The wiring is thus the interface component between the stator of the electric machine and the inverter.

The BIMERIC BM 6000 servo production and assembly system offers the perfect platform for the production of complete ZSB circuits.


Advantages of Bihler Technology:

  • Completely automated production on one system
  • Output: 3 to 4 ready-to-install ZSB circuits per minute
  • Fast retooling from one variant to another

Highly flexible solution platforms for your e-components

Efficient assembly production

The BIMERIC servo production and assembly system is the ideal solution platform for your flexible assembly production. The modular system shows its benefits especially for small and medium batch sizes and if you require a large number of different versions. The intelligent VariControl control platform is the core element of the high-performance machine. It guarantees maximum process reliability and machine availability as well as extremely fast, 100 percent reproducible setup operations.

Depending on your task, you can integrate standardized Bihler servo process modules for all manufacturing, assembly and machining tasks on the BIMERIC. With the efficient flow production from raw material to installation-ready final product, you shorten your process chain and achieve a consistently high product quality.


Powerful servo systems

The RM-NC and GRM-NC servo stamping and forming machines guarantee the highest productivity for your manufacturing. The compact servo machines impress with their high performance as well as with their extremely short setup times. To achieve this, the (G)RM-NC machines are equipped with an automatic positioning system for all NC units. By calling up the stored parameters in the VariControl control system, the axes can be aligned 100 percent reproducibly.

Innovative quick-clamping systems allow for a simple tool assembly in a matter of minutes. Production immediately starts with a good part. In combination with the standardized LEANTOOL tools, you benefit from up to 70 percent reduced tool costs and a very fast “time to market” for your products. The intuitive VC 1 guarantees maximum process reliability and optimum ease of operation.


Experience Bihler Technology

Car Symposium 2020

Date: 11. - 12.02.2020
Location: Bochum / Germany

Intelligent hairpin production in stator assembly
Highest dynamic due to complete automation with Bihler servo technology

Speaker: Martin Lehmann, Key Account Manager DACH

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