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„Versatile enough for complex tasks“

Scheuermann + Heilig: Efficient production of power connectors

Scheuermann + Heilig GmbH in Buchen-Hainstadt, Germany has long been a user of Bihler technology. Its latest acquisitions include five BIMERIC servo production and assembly systems. These are giving the family-run company a whole new range of possibilities in the manufacture of highly-complex hybrid components – such as a power connector for electric vehicles that is manufactured fully automatically on a BM 4500 in a process involving approximately 100 steps.

Scheuermann + Heilig GmbH was founded in 1957 in Buchen-Hainstadt, to the north-west of Heilbronn. The focus of this family-run business consists in the development and production of complex, hybrid metal and plastic assemblies. In addition to stamped and stamped-and-bended parts that are manufactured fully automatically and in many different variants, the product portfolio also includes a wide range of extremely tough, individually designed wireform parts. The crucial factors in Scheuermann + Heilig’s success are its expertise dating back over 60 years, its constant desire to improve, as well as its high-performance machine pool and highly efficient production technology. That is why Scheuermann + Heilig has for decades counted on Bihler as a reliable partner and now possesses over 95 Bihler systems.

Various manufacturing possibilities

“Bihler’s systems have always opened up new possibilities for us, in particular in terms of versatility, component quality and additional assembly options,” explains Andreas Pleschko, Head of Production. Robin Arnold, who is responsible for project launch management, agrees: “Bihler enables us to cope with particularly high levels of complexity and offers us an extremely wide range of manufacturing options.” This is particularly true of the most recent Bihler systems installed at Scheuermann + Heilig. These include four BM 4500 servo-controlled production systems as well as a BM 3000. “The systems are particularly versatile in operation,” explains Pleschko. “You can extend the machine and the process from all sides, integrate an enormous variety of machining steps, such as assembly, thread cutting and laser welding, and feed in a range of very different materials and combine these to create a great variety of hybrid components.”

Focus on outstanding precision: Head of Production Andreas Pleschko with the new power connector.

A highly complex process

One current example of a complex hybrid part that Scheuermann + Heilig manufactures on a BM 4500 is a 48-V power connector for electric vehicles. Pleschko makes the problem clear: “The particular difficulty lies in the need to insert an open ended, extremely flexible cladding into a closed surround with absolute precision and without the slightest distortion.” “The whole process also has to run fully automatically, without errors and at high speed,” adds Markus Farrenkopf, Technical Coordinator. This is no easy task because the manufacture of the connector comprises a total of approximately 100 different steps. It starts on the BIMERIC BM 4500, where the strip material is introduced from both sides via the RZV 2.1 radial gripper feed. The strip is then stamped by the 30-tonne press and the various bending operations necessary to produce the two housing bodies are performed. As of approximately halfway along the machine, the inner body, which is only 0.2 millimeters thick, is transferred to the second machining side via a rotary table and engages in the already manufactured, additionally welded outer body. After this, the two elements are spot-welded together at the front face using a laser in order to ensure that the inner component is securely seated. The plastic parts are then mounted. Finally, a camera inspection is performed to ensure flawless component quality.

Fascinating technology: Silke Heilig with the carrier strip for the new power connector.

Speaking the same language

Scheuermann + Heilig now produces both angled and round variants of the power connector on the BIMERIC BM 4500. The development time required for this extraordinary manufacturing solution amounted to approximately six months. “In projects like this, we are always very well supported by Bihler. The fact that Bihler assigns us a personal, central contact person for all our inquiries and questions is a great advantage. We benefit from service from a single source, something that goes back to the shared history of our two family-run companies: We just know one another and we speak the same language,” explains Silke Heilig who, together with Steffen Scheuermann, is responsible for managing the company.

Extending the technological lead

Scheuermann + Heilig has now been working successfully with Bihler’s servo production systems for many years. Andreas Pleschko has absolutely no doubts: “With our BIMERIC systems, we have once again extended our technological lead. In this way, we can offer our customers from the mobility, smart solutions, medical and individual solutions sectors highly complex components that allow them to continue to be successful in their markets.” “At the same time, we can also keep in step with the continuing trend toward component miniaturization and, for example, manufacture small connectors in very high quality,” adds Farrenkopf. This all puts the company in a very strong position for the future, in particular given that it will soon be further extending its performance and production expertise by acquiring a new BIMERIC BM 6000.


Scheuermann + Heilig GmbH

Scheuermann + Heilig GmbH was founded in 1957 and manufactures hybrid assemblies, stamped parts, stamped-and-bended parts and wireform parts at its sites in Buchen-Hainstadt and Atibaia (Brazil). The company has a workforce of approximately 600 employees and manufactures some 3,500 different products every year, including for the e-mobility and medical engineering sectors. In 2022, the company achieved sales of approximately 90 million euros.



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