Maximum material efficiency in busbar production

Busbars made of copper or aluminum are crucial components in high-performance battery systems and complete power distribution.

For the mass production of this connection solution, Bihler offers you modular, standardized platforms and technologies that meet all requirements in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Depending on the component length and geometry, the GRM-NC servo stamping and forming machine with radial or linear forming tool is used. For additional operations, the BIMERIC servo production and assembly system offers plenty of machining freedom for even more added value.

Your advantages: You benefit from material savings of up to 50 percent and thus significantly lower unit costs, flexible production with a large number of variants, and high productivity.


Busbars - Efficient power flow

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Advantages of Bihler Technology

  • Efficient production of busbars with a large number of variants and high productivity
  • Significant material savings of up to 50% in radial production (strip width equal to part width) and up to 33% in linear production (only one carrier strip)
  • Standardized, very easily accessible tools with up to 70 percent standard components
  • Process lengths of over 2,000 mm can be realized in linear production on GRM-NC


  • Flexible integration of further value-added steps on BIMERIC Modular
  • Very fast tool changes usually between 0.5 and 1.5 hours
  • Constantly high process stability thanks to integrated process monitoring systems
  • 100 percent reproduced top quality of the busbars

Benefit from up to 50 percent material savings

In times of increasing scarcity of resources and sharply rising material prices, intelligent and efficient production is crucial to market success. This is particularly true for the production of busbars. Bihler offers you economical automation solutions for busbars made of pure copper, tinned copper (Cu-ETP) and aluminum up to 4.0 mm material thickness. With radial production on the GRM-NC, there is no more material waste, as the strip width corresponds to the part width. This saves you up to 50 percent cost-intensive material and thus cash.



Benefit from the cost-effective, standardized LEANTOOL tool technology. In radial production, the forming tools impress with their low number of components and their high proportion of standard parts of up to 70 percent. You produce your busbars with consistently high quality and convincing cycle rates. Very fast tool changes allow you to cover a wide range of variants and respond flexibly to your customers' requirements.



Save up to 33 percent material

Linear production offers you up to 33 percent material savings, because usually only one carrier strip is required. The reason: strip material does not have to be lifted out in the production process, as the machine automatically realizes tool movements from three sides with any sequence. The linear LEANTOOL forming tools impress with their simple and very accessible design. Up to 750 mm of machining travel in the three LEANTOOL forming modules provide plenty of space for a large number of forming steps.



For larger busbars, process lengths of over 2,000 mm can be realized on the GRM-NC. Standardized Meusburger cutting frames in two servo presses and three LEANTOOL forming modules are used for this purpose. The innovative quick tool change system allows simple and shortest set-up operations. Integrated process monitoring guarantees consistently high production reliability and 100 percent reproduced top quality.


Processes on GRM-NC

Material feeding

The RZV 2.1 servo radial gripper feeder draws the strip material directly from the coil at a highly dynamic speed of up to 3.2 m/sec. The repeatability achieved is +/- 0.02 mm. The upstream, multi-stage straightener eliminates residual curvature and batch variations.

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In one or two NCP servo presses, the geometries of the busbars are stamped with high precision from the strip material, which is up to 4.0 mm thick. For this purpose, the powerful servo presses offer a stamping force of max. 400 kN as well as plenty of space for extensive, standardized Meusburger cutting frames.

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The forming operations are performed in several steps in the radially or linearly arranged LEANTOOL forming tools. For this purpose, six NCA5 units with max. 47 kN forming force and stroke up to 100 mm are used in both production concepts. When tools are changed, they can be aligned in minutes at the touch of a button using the servo adjustment and positioning device.

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Additional value-added steps in busbar production

The BIMERIC Modular servo production and assembly system offers you plenty of space for additional value-added steps in busbar production.

After the stamping and forming process, powerful servo modules for threading, screw insertion, welding, laser welding and marking, parts handling and assembly can be integrated in a modular fashion on the standardized platform. The Bihler VariControl, which is easy and safe to operate, acts as the master control for the machine and all processes. The BIMERIC Modular is flexibly scalable at any time for future tasks.


Flexible manufacturing with servo process modules

Material feeding, stamping, forming, tapping, screw joining, contact welding, parts handling, etc.

Bihler's strength has always been the perfect interaction of as many processes as possible on one machine. To this end, we provide you with everything from a single source. You benefit from a single contact for all processes, a central control system and, all in all, a customized automation solution for your efficient busbar production.

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