More than 60 years experience

Springs and wire parts are where it all began for Bihler. Over six decades, we have successfully implemented thousands of production solutions for customers in various branches.

The advantages of Bihler technology:

  • The simultaneous forming operations enable
    very high production speeds.
  • Forming from the inside out eliminates twisting and torsional effects,
    and guarantees exact dimensional accuracy.
  • In addition to forming, the Bihler machines offer the capability
    to coin, cut, weld and laser mark the wire parts.


The perfect pop

Swing tops for bottles

For instance, for the production of swing tops for bottles. The bottle can be opened and closed as often as required, needs no bottle opener, and the use of raw materials is minimized.A tightly closing cap, usually made of porcelain with a rubber sealing ring, ensures absolute tightness even with carbonated content. The cap is locked onto the bottle opening with a wire spring using the principle of leverage.

The three-part assembly consisting of the cap and the two wire parts is produced on a mechanical stamping and forming machine type Multicenter MC 82 with two machining sides. The complete production and assembly system combines wire bending and assembly technology on a single machine and produces 100 parts per minute. Final assembly of the swing tops on the glass bottles has also been successfully implemented with an other Bihler production system.


Swing tops manufactured with Bihler Technology
Metal shirt clips manufactured with Bihler Technology

In perfect shape

Metal shirt clips

Whether for business or casual wear, long-sleeve or short-sleeve: metal shirt clips can be found in practically any newly bought shirt. These bended wire parts keep the item of clothing folded as it should be and stop the shirt from lifting up, slipping or unfolding. The parts are usually inserted at the textile factory and, used in combination with cardboard stiffening elements and numerous pins, keep the shirt in perfect shape until it is worn for the first time.

Shirt clips like this are classic stamped and formed parts that are manufactured on a mechanical RM 40K stamping and forming machine. 300 clips leave the system ready for immediate use per minute. The easy-to-use Bihler VariControl VC 1E controller ensures trouble-free process control and efficient handling.


On the ball

Allen wrenches with a ball-shaped tip

Allen wrenches with a ball-shaped tip are particularly practical when it comes to undoing and tightening hex socket screw connections. The BIMERIC servo-controlled production system is used to manufacture this type of Allen wrench at speeds of up to 100 parts per minute. The secret lies in the fact that the ball head is produced without cutting. This is because – unlike machining techniques that involve the removal of material using milling cutters – the grain of the material is not interrupted and the ball neck is therefore particularly strong.

During the manufacturing process, the gripper feed feeds the hexagonal wire to the ring tool which forms a chamfer in the material. The wire is twisted off here, passed on to the hinged multipurpose transfer device and is deburred and smoothed. After the part leaves the turning station, the ball shape is formed in two ring tools before the wrench is then formed and coined with the appropriate markings. Numerous variants and intermediate lengths can be produced depending on the customer’s requirements, while maintaining a constant, high level of machine availability.


Allen wrenches manufactured with Bihler technology
Safety brackets manufactured with Bihler technology

More security

Safety brackets

Safety brackets are used to easily and safely anchor child seats in cars. They are manufactured from high-strength steel wire (Ø 6 mm) on a servo GRM-NC stamping and forming machine with radial LEANTOOL. The LEANTOOL consists of only 12 individual tool parts, 12 standard tool parts and the consistently reusable standard machine parts. Six powerful servo forming units and two central NC mandrels ensure precise cutting, forming and ejection movements, as well as a production capacity of 80 open wire brackets per minute.

For the changeover procedure to the closed wire bracket type, another safety-relevant component for vehicles, the machine operator just calls up the respective program in the VC 1 control system. The positions of the forming units and the motion sequence of the tool are changed automatically. The number of forming levels is reduced from two to one and production starts immediately with a 100 percent reproduced good part.

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