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„Solution for increasing batch sizes“

The new LM 2000-KT and -NC stamping and forming machines

The mechanical machines LM 2000-KT and -NC round off the system portfolio for the LEANTOOL L250 series by adding further machine solutions with cams and servo drive. These systems, which have been designed for small, mid-sized and also large batches, are particularly simple and robust and have been slimmed down to the most important functions.

The new LM 2000-KT and LM 2000-NC, which will be available as of 2023, are the most recent developments in the Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik portfolio of standard machines. They have been designed as pure linear tool machines with cams or servo units for the manufacture of stamped and formed parts from strip material. In designing them, the focus has been placed on small, medium and very large batch sizes. What makes these solutions so special is that unlike in conventional mechanical machines with their highly complex individual tools, the two solutions will be fully compatible with the LEANTOOL L250 system. As a result, all the tools developed using this standard can run on the LM 2000-KT and -NC. “They are completely mechanical machines that are fully compatible with the LEANTOOL system. They are based on Bihler’s proven machine technology but carry this forward into a completely new, modern dimension of standardization,” explains Christoph Schäfer, Head of Product Management at Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik.

New dimension of standardization

Customers who, for example, have previously manufactured mid-sized order runs on the GRM-NC and now need to deliver higher volumes, will benefit from this standardization. In the future, they will simply need to fit their tool into the new LM 2000-KT or -NC and will immediately be able to start production. However, it will be equally possible to convert L250 tools to the BIMERIC Modular, for example if further value-added operations have to be integrated in the manufacturing process. In this way, as high-performance solutions for increasing batch sizes with only limited numbers of variants, the new LM 2000-KT and -NC round off the Bihler machine portfolio for the LEANTOOL L250 toolmaking series.

Simple & robust

In line with their clearly-defined range of applications and tasks, the LM 2000-KT and -NC have been designed to be particularly robust and simple and will be reduced to the most vital functions in terms of stamping and forming. Consequently, the systems will have a simple, compact machine body with an integral construction. According to the current planning, this will house the feed mechanism, press, three forming modules (cam- or servo-controlled) as well as the central die. The electrical hardware for the machine, drive elements and the VC 1 controller will be integrated in the machine body. As a result, the side-operated standalone systems will not require an additional control cabinet. The setup operation for three forming modules, six cams (in the LM 2000-KT) and the repositioning of two central dies and a cutting tool can be completed in less than 60 minutes.

Seamless integration

The new LM 2000-KT and -NC will not be limited to only stamping and forming but will also permit many other further-reaching value-added applications. Consequently, if required, the systems can also be extended by the process modules thread cutting, screw insertion and contact welding under NC control via the B 20K welding controller. As a result, it will be possible to integrate these process modules seamlessly into the basic machines and manufacturing sequences – including highspeed setups and changeovers. At the same time, it will also be possible to use the new Meusburger SBH and SBP cutting frames as standard for press operations.

Christoph Schäfer
Head of Product Management

Tel.: +49(0)8368/18-550


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