The effective way to manufacturing concepts and tool design

The modular Bihler bNX technology software provides optimum support for the virtual modeling of your products as well as the development and design of Bihler stamping and forming tools. With this globally unique solution for system engineering and tool design, you benefit from shortest development times, significantly lower development costs, optimized products with higher quality and reliable tools with higher output rates.

In addition to the fully integrated Bihler Technology Software, bNX also contains the basic software modules of Siemens NX for optimum, market oriented design. The software allows you to quickly adapt to changing product or production requirements – for instance with the consistent templates for our modular LEANTOOL tool kit.

bNX Software Products

Technology Software bNX

The Bihler bNX Software is based on the Siemens NX 3D-CAD system. With the powerful features of this system, you handle demanding assemblies effectively and quickly create complex designs.

The fully integrated Bihler software provides unparalleled support when designing tools both for Bihler machines as well as for progressive presses. Forming studies are created quickly and easily and used to generate the resulting strip layout. Create the 3D geometry and kinematics of your machine and tools using the provided 3D standard parts. Simulate all movements of your entire Bihler system in 3D. Then optimize the motion sequences and derive the required curve profiles or NC programs for the actual machine.

Your benefit: Significantly reduced development times as well as reliable tools with maximum cycle rates.

Kinematics Express

The Kinematics Express software is a CAD-independent solution for the virtual design of motion sequences for cam-controlled and NC-controlled Bihler machines.

Quickly and easily define all your machine movements in relation to each other. The result are optimized motion profiles that can be output as easy-to-use contours in DXF or DWG format to create cams for mechanical machines. When using NC-controlled machines, the generated NC programs are transferred directly to the Bihler VC 1 control system.

Your benefit: With this easy-to-use software application, you quickly and reliably determine the optimum motion sequences for your Bihler machines independent of a CAD system, considering different motion laws and overlaps.


Bihler 3D machine components

The Bihler 3D machine components program provides you with the 3D geometries of your Bihler machine in the formats STEP, DXF and Siemens NX in a library.

This allows you to integrate the Bihler machine in your CAD system during design and construction of your tools.

Your benefit is the availability of precise geometries of your Bihler machine in your preferred CAD environment.

Consistent, transparent bNX process

The consistent bNX process starts with customer inquiries and quotations, and extends beyond 3D stage method plan, strip design, tool design, kinematics and simulation all the way to the output of the movement profile and its entry in the VC 1 control system. As a fundamental part of the LEANTOOL concept, the bNX software offers easier, faster and more affordable solutions for new tools.

Customer inquiry

You receive a request from your customer regarding the production of a stamped and formed part. You then create your task (work instruction), collect information and clarify any questions. The result is a list of requirements as well as product or system specifications.


Initial calculations are performed to provide a quotation. You create a concept and a method plan and integrate computed values. You then receive a document with the determined values as a base for your detailed offer.

Forming stages

Forming studies are created easily and quickly using an extensive pool of material parameters. You assign the values k factor and springback and receive your specific 3D stage method plan.

Strip layout

You then create the strip layout with the bNX software. This is done using standard components that allow simple, consistent and extremely fast modifications.

Tool design

The consistent process is supported by end-to-end design methods and extensive engineering tools with standard components and templates for tool design. These are available in different design phases.

Kinematics and simulation

With the “Kinematics” module, you define the function sequences for your bending tool. Movement regulations ensure optimum designs. Templates assist you with the implementation. You can simulate all motion sequences of your entire Bihler system in 3D and use this feature for optimizing the motion sequences. All this provides simple control as well as quality assurance directly at the workstation.

Output of motion profiles

With the output of motion profiles, the 2D/3D cams can be created directly. Different cams are possible (head, bead, drum cam, etc.).

Input VC 1

For the servo units, the bi-directional exchange of motion profiles is done using XML files. A comparison of target/actual values is possible at any time.

New NX 12 version

The new NX 12 version improves the value-adding bNX process for Bihler machines even further. The newly developed strip layout module allows for the simple creation of the strip layout as well as fast and consistent changes. The improved function chart provides new features for all mechanical and servo-controlled Bihler machines.

As a fundamental building block of the LEANTOOL system, the bNX software also simplifies the construction of lean radial and linear bending tools. This means all LEANTOOL standard parts are specified in the reuse library of the design software. You always benefit from significantly reduced development times as well as reliable tools with maximum pulse rate.


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