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„Design software with new features“

New features are available in the Kinematics and Tool layout modules

New features are available with immediate effect in the Kinematics and Tool layout modules of Bihler’s proven bNX 2007 design software. And as of early 2024, an entirely new version will be available in the form of bNX 2306 – for an end-to-end, digital value-added chain.

With its bNX software, Bihler offers a solution that is unique in the world of stamping-and-forming technology and that combines the strengths of Siemens NX software with Bihler’s technology software. More than 200 customers already use software solutions from Bihler for their design work and are able to achieve a comprehensive, end-to-end value-added chain from the concept stage through to the finished product. All users can benefit from the new functions in the bNX 2007 software with immediate effect: “Thanks to the introduction of a new 3D forming study, the Tool layout module will make it possible to create virtual 3D plans and will optimize the arrangement of bending stages,” explains Peter Bertling, Head of CAx. “In the Kinematics module, a new system configurator automatically generates parametric machine layouts for servo-controlled machines. The generated machine layout can be adapted to differing situations via the graphical user interface, thereby considerably improving productivity and quality.”

Greater flexibility and ease of operation

Bihler is currently working on a new version, bNX 2306, which is based on Siemens NX 2306. This version contains numerous improvements and new developments from Siemens. The focus of Bihler’s developments can be found in the Kinematics module, where the engineering tools are directly linked to the operational chart. This will make the solution even easier to use and increase efficiency during project creation. A new checker will check the contents of the operational chart in order to avoid project errors and reduce development times. The new version will be available as of early 2024.

Transparent and efficient

Bihler is also analyzing the potential for integrating Cloud-based solutions in order to permit real-time access to the same CAD models and Bihler applications. These solutions offer greater flexibility and scalability as well as attractive conditions. “The aim of our developments is to offer tailor-made, end-to-end, transparent software solutions that give all users an overview of their tool designs at all times and allow them to organize their processes efficiently in order to maximize value-added,” explains Bertling.


Peter Bertling
Head of CAx



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