VariControl VC 1 - One control platform for all tasks

With the VariControl VC 1 machine and process control system, Bihler emphasizes the keywords „Ease of Use“ and „Process Safety“ at a new, higher level. With state of the art software and hardware features, the intelligent control system guarantees greater efficiency in your production. The highly flexible control platform allows you to easily control even the most complex automation solutions in the field of stamping and forming assembly technology – on all Bihler machine types.


Highlights: Simple, fast machine setup without programming experience

  • Short setup times

  • Minimized risk of error

  • Increased machine performance

  • Increased machine availability

  • Reduced manufacturing costs

  • Reduced tool spare parts costs


    Setup without an external programming device

  • Significant cost savings

Direct programming of NC process modules via simple input screens in the controller

  • Additional processes thanks to the user-friendly integration of NC modules such as slide units, feed units, presses, strip transport, tapping and screw insertion units and control mechanisms
  • The VC 1‘s scope of application can be extended to include any required task
  • Flexible enough to work with all Bihler machine‘s and NC-based special solutions

Freely configurable production menus and user interfaces

  • Can be individually adapted for any application by the customer

Multimedia diagnostic and online help system

  • Easy to operate even for less highly qualified employees
  • Clear, unambiguous instructions
  • Simple integration of operating instructions, help texts, graphics, films and individual hot spots for the rapid combining of functions

Integrated recording of measured values and production data

  • Efficient process monitoring
  • High level of transparency during production
  • Easy to integrate in all internal customer networks
  • Worldwide access capability
  • Automatic documentation of processes/manufactured parts
  • Extremely simple networking of machines for streamlined production planning
  • Minimum downtime

Simple integration of subsequent processes

  • Production systems become scalable
  • The machine grows in step with the requirements (quality, throughput, level of automation)
  • Low initial investment
  • Reusable for new products

Remote maintenance capacity via secure Internet connection (VPN) and Bihler remote maintenance portal

  • Improved support and enhanced security
  • Fewer service interventions
  • Very short reaction times
  • Cost savings

Online change of operating language

  • Possible to change language during system operation
  • No downtime

Ready for the smart factory

  • Secure communication and networking with external systems
  • Minimizing downtime through constant online diagnostics of the machine and all processes
  • Production optimization thanks to comprehensive transparency (MES)
  • „Self-correcting stamping and forming tool“ as a successful example
  • Simple networking of machinery and process modules from other manufacturers with Bihler systems
  • Comprehensive support for operators with setup and tool change videos, the bASSIST online help system as well as remote maintenance
  • Efficient spare parts management with cross-linked ordering system
  • Intelligence can be retrofitted to older Bihler machines

Flyer VC 1 VariControl

Here you find all information and technical data of the VC 1.


Richard Wagner
Head of Control Technology

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