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„The next generation“

Bihler control system with even greater ease of use and user-friendliness

The third version of the proven VC 1 controller will be available as of fall 2023. It offers many new features and functions that make manufacturing even easier, more reliable and more efficient.

Ever since it was introduced, the VC 1 controller has enjoyed outstanding success, as testified to by the wealth of production operations performed with it every day by users around the world. It is a cross-system control platform which allows users to operate a wide variety of manufacturing solutions involving a range of different process steps intuitively and reliably – on all Bihler machine types. Bihler has now extensively further developed the controller and brought out the new Version 3. “The new version of the controller offers many new features and functions that make production operations on Bihler systems easier, more reliable and more efficient,” explains Markus Häringer, Group Head for Digital Services. “Our main aim was to considerably improve the ergonomic design and user-friendliness.” As a result, the unit’s control panel was redesigned and combined with a large, 24-inch multitouch display. With a 16:9 format, this not only permits larger views and the display of additional information but also allows multi-finger operation, for example when zooming in on a specific element. The control panel itself is equipped with an operating console comprising twelve programmable illuminated ring keys and an emergency stop button. Below this is the keyboard/touchpad, which is protected by a flap and has been designed to be even more convenient to use. Above the display, there is also a new LED signal lamp which provides a color-coded indication of the machine status and is visible from a long way off.

Comfort built-in

Another completely new addition is access authorization via RFID PITreader on the right-hand side of the control panel. It is easy for employees to authenticate themselves as users by means of the corresponding hardware sticks and it is no longer necessary to enter a password to access the unit. This increases security, while also making access faster and simpler. The electronic hand wheel is now integrated in the operating console and is located to the right of the keyboard together with the enabling switch. In addition, the menu guidance has also been further optimized with a new more attractive visual appearance and a more intuitive design.

Setup and tracking

Another new feature of the VC 1 controller takes the form of batch tracking and setup support using a Data Matrix Code scanner (DMC). This allows operators to use a scanner to import manufacturing data into the controller. At the OPC/UA interface, it is possible to see which batch is currently being manufactured, a capability that greatly increases production traceability. The validation function is also new. Before production starts, this feature uses DMC to check whether the right tools are mounted on the system and everything is correctly configured.


All-round monitoring

What is more, the latest version of the VC 1 controller is also compatible with the Bihler Digital App, which allows all users to continuously monitor, analyze and optimize their Bihler manufacturing operations. And last but not least, Version 3 of the VC 1 controller is also able to pass on analog sensor data from Production. This data is made available to external systems via the OPC-UA interface and makes process monitoring even more precise and convenient. Version 3 of the Bihler VC 1 controller, which can be adapted for all existing VC 1 controllers, will be presented for the first time at this year’s Blechexpo trade fair in Stuttgart.


Senad Hodzic
Department Head
Controller Development



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