Stamping and forming in the clean room

Self-activating safety clip

White walls, clean room atmosphere, skilled experts in white coats. And you will find stamping and forming machines from Bihler in this clinical environment with exacting medical technical requirements. For instance, for the production of safety-related parts for the Introcan Safety medical injection system.

The delicate, self-activating safety clip made from thin, 0.1-mm elastic spring steel strip minimizes the risk of infection due to puncture wounds when handling hollow needles. Once the clip is activated, it encloses the metal part of the needle tip and protects the medical personnel during use and disposal. At the same time, this also ensures that a previously used needle is not used a second time.

The metal clip is manufactured on a mechanical RM 40K stamping and forming machine at a rate of 300 parts per minute. Depending on the diameter of the needle, seven different clip sizes are available. During the manufacturing cycle, each safety clip is fed into the machine and then stamped, formed, bent and separated. The innovative Bihler technology ensures manufacturing to the highest precision. Each movement of the bending tool can be adjusted separately.

A further advantage is the high service life of the system. Batches of up to six million safety clips are feasible. If a tool change is due, it can be easily performed in 15 minutes thanks to the quick-change systems.

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Safety clips manufactured with Bihler technology