Bihler Management System

Bihler relies on several mutually integrated management systems. They are connected as a quality management based Bihler Management System.

Utilizing synergies and pooling resources allows for leaner, more efficient management than is possible using separate isolated management systems. Factors such as corporate policies, planning of measures, audit planning, reporting and many more can be combined in an integrated management system. Our Bihler Management System meets all the requirements which Bihler is faced with as a modern global company.


Bihler is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Quality means the durability of Bihler products and the comprehensive fulfillment of customer requirements. Our ultimate corporate goal is completely satisfied customers thanks to flawless products and services. The continuous assurance of the satisfaction of our customers and their continuous improvement are some of our most important corporate principles. Bihler stands for continuous improvement in quality as well continuous improvement of the processes and services and thus ultimately of Bihler products. Our quality policy is well-known at all levels of the company and serves as the foundation for achieving the defined corporate objectives.


Bihler has developed an individual Environmental Management System based on the DIN EN ISO 14001 standard. Bihler understands that nature, society, economy and therefore our company are part of a global ecological system, the preservation of which is the shared responsibility of us all. From this perspective, Bihler is committed to ensuring the environmental orientation of its operations and activities and sees the potential influence it can have as an entrepreneurial opportunity for active participation. Bihler protects the environment through compliance with all applicable legal requirements. Our annual objectives show our specific intention to take on responsibility and to continuously improve the environmental performance of our operations.


Bihler is certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001 and accepts the immediate responsibility to proactively support the trend towards an environmentally-oriented use of resources together with our customers. This is why for Bihler, energy efficiency has to be considered as a whole. The focus of the initiative that results from this ambition is to significantly improve all-round energy efficiency throughout manufacturing and during the lifecycle of our products. In accordance, we have defined a wide spectrum of activities for a holistic energy management. This ranges from energy-optimized designs via energy-efficient production and energy-oriented adjustment of machines, controllers, procedures and processes with intelligent software tools and new service products, all the way through to reducing the energy consumption for IT systems (Green IT). To exchange experiences in the field of energy with other companies, Bihler has been part of the regional Energy Efficiency Network Allgäu since 2016.

Health and safety at work

Bihler has introduced an occupational health and safety management system based on the OHSAS 18001 standard which meets all requirements regarding health and safety at the workplace. Our company complies with all applicable laws regarding work safety and ensures the health and well-being of all employees with regular training and checks by an occupational physician. The goal is to identify hazards at an early stage and to ensure trouble-free operation and responsible actions at all levels. The productivity and efficiency of the company should not and must not be at the expense of safety.

Bihler Code of Conduct

The success of Bihler is directly related to the confidence of our customers in our high-quality products and services, our adherence to schedules and the innovative strength of the entire Bihler Team. We are determined to continue to expand and strengthen our position as worldwide leader for automation solutions in stamping and forming, welding and assembly technology in the future. The Code of Conduct will contribute to this.



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