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„Virtual live support“

Bihler’s AR Remote Service

Using real-time streaming technology, Bihler’s AR Remote Service ensures that small malfunctions, repairs and settings at Bihler systems can be dealt with quickly, simply and efficiently. This smart support solution is available as a mobile application or as an AR headset version.

The Bihler AR Remote Service is available as a mobile or AR headset version and is cost-free for new machines for all customers during the first year.

Ever since it was introduced last year, increasing numbers of customers have taken advantage of Bihler’s Augmented Reality Remote Service. This comes as no surprise as the virtual service capability allows Bihler to provide even more high-performance support for the operation of its systems. “Bihler’s AR Remote Service is provided by means of a video call between the customer and the Bihler support staff via smartphone, tablet or AR headset,” explains Bastian Hartmann from Bihler Sales and Customer Support. “The Bihler employee sees everything that the customer can see on-site by means of a real-time stream and is therefore able to identify the problem at the machine with absolute accuracy. Consequently, the engineer can guide the machine operator precisely step-by-step to the solution – quickly, easily and efficiently.” The graphical highlighting of objects in the field of vision and the document transfer capability provide the operator with additional support. In this way, it is possible not only to analyze and eliminate errors but also to perform small repairs. Bihler’s AR Remote Service also ensures optimum support during commissioning and adjustment work. This eliminates the need for time-consuming, cost-intensive interventions on-site. Instead, the customer saves time and money and is usually able to resume production immediately. And if more extensive work is needed from time to time, the visiting service engineer is ideally prepared thanks to the in-depth remote diagnosis that has already been performed.

Smartphone, tablet or data headset

The Bihler AR Remote Service is available as a mobile solution or as an AR headset version. In the mobile application, the AR software supported by Bihler is available on any terminal device running under Android, Apple or Windows. In practice, this variant has the advantage of being accessible and ready for use at any time, while also being very easy to work with and providing a large-format screen. For its part, the AR data headset has the advantage that operators can have their hands free to work and can use the headset to communicate with the service staff, who always see exactly what the user sees thanks to the camera mounted in the headset. Use is not restricted to certain headset manufacturers. Whichever version is used: The Bihler AR Remote Service is free to all customers for the first year for new machines.

Bastian Hartmann
Sales and Customer Support

Tel.: +49(0)8368/18-296
E-mail: {{email::bastian.hartmann@bihler.de}}



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