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The new BIMERIC Modular

Anyone who uses the Bihler LEANTOOL F250 system for bending tools in the field of progressive tooling technology benefits from minimum development times, cost savings of more than half, and an extremely short time-to-market. The corresponding tools can also be used in combination with value-added machining and assembly processes – in the form of independent, standardized process modules running on the new BIMERIC Modular, a machine that can be extended as and when required.

In the past, whenever users wanted to create linear tools, they had to make do with dedicated tools that had to be laboriously developed for each individual project. Recently, Bihler introduced the LEANTOOL F250 system for this task. This is a standardized toolkit based on the proven LEANTOOL system, which makes the production of tools for linear bending operations significantly simpler, faster and more economical. In this way, all users can benefit from an end-to-end standard system with a defined structure and a high proportion of standard parts and blanks. A corresponding LEANTOOL F250 bending tool consists of up to 70 percent standard parts, irrespective of the production task in question. As a result, the manufacturing costs are up to 50 percent lower than for conventional progressive tools. Overall, the LEANTOOL F250 system is a unique toolbox for linear bending operations that makes possible minimum implementation times, cost savings of over a half and an extremely short time-to-market.

Autonomous units

The LEANTOOL F250 system for bending tools in the field of progressive tooling technology can also be used on the BIMERIC servo production and assembly system in the form of an independent F250 bending module. It is part of the new BIMERIC Modular which will be available as of mid-2021. The BIMERIC Modular represents the next BIMERIC generation, which uses standardized process modules instead of individual modules. These bring together all the necessary individual components, interfaces and functions in a process-specific console. The modules are pre-mounted as complete units and attached to the unmodified BIMERIC platform. In addition to the F250 bending module, modules for the feeding and stamping processes are also available at the BIMERIC Modular. Within this system, each individual module is standardized on the basis of the same principle and designed for a strip width of 80 mm. The BIMERIC Modular also possesses so-called PLUS - empty locations. These are used to accommodate custom-built units for individual customer processes - in particular for assembly operations that (cannot yet) be standardized due to their exacting requirements. The advantage is that all the modules are optionally available for use depending on the task in question. In this way, the machine can be operated with a minimum hardware configuration, for example in the form of a single bending module. And if new processes have to be integrated some time in the future then the machine can subsequently be extended without difficulty. Consequently, and in contrast to the previous BM series, users can operate a BM platform at a low investment cost and then upgrade it again subsequently without difficulty. In practice, the increased level of standardization available with the new BIMERIC Modular permits shorter delivery times, simpler retrofitting, improved planning capabilities and therefore also greater production security. The use of the new process modules is optional and the BIMERIC can naturally also be used with custom-built units and individual applications without difficulty as in the past.



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