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„Environmentally friendly“

New environmentally friendly Bihler machines

As the latest generation of Bihler systems, the LM 2000-KT/-NC machines stand for highly efficient, modular component manufacturing and offer capacities that extend right through to mass production. What is more, their extremely low energy consumption and integrated recirculating oil lubrication make these manufacturing solutions particularly friendly to the environment.

The LM 2000-KT and -NC systems are the latest innovations to leave the Bihler factory gates. They are extremely modern linear machines based on the LM 2000 machine platform that can be extended by many different processes as required, for example welding, thread cutting and screw insertion. While the servo-controlled NC variant has been designed for the manufacture of small to mid-sized runs, the cam-controlled KT model was conceived for medium or high parts volumes with few variants. It controls the movements of the tools by means of a cam disk, allowing it to achieve record-threatening cycle rates of up to 500 rpm.

Low electricity requirement

During the development of the LM 2000-KT in particular, great emphasis was focused on keeping the environmental footprint during operation as low as possible – precisely because this system has been specially designed for long runs and high parts volumes. This is evident first of all in the LM 2000-KT’s electricity consumption, which is very low even when the machine is working at high speed. This means that the machine’s energy requirements can be met without difficulty by means of an appropriate solar power installation. As a result, this Bihler machine can run using renewable energy and without having an impact on the environment. If it is also used to machine so-called green, ideally CO2-free, steel then even CO2-neutral end-products are theoretically conceivable – a consideration that will play an ever greater role in the market and among customers in the future.

No waste

Another important environmentally beneficial feature of the LM 2000-KT/-NC systems is the fact that both machines possess an integrated recirculating oil system. This ensures that the oil is pumped in a closed circuit to all the machine units and that there is absolutely no wastage or loss of oil. Oil consumption is therefore greatly reduced on all these systems compared to conventional machines. Overall, the LM 2000-KT/-NC systems are innovative manufacturing solutions that not only permit highly efficient component production, including at mass production levels, but also offer enormous benefits at the level of environmental and climate protection.



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