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New LM 2000 Bihler machine platform

The new compact LM 2000 machine platform expands the innovative Bihler machine pool by introducing a high-performance system for small to large batch sizes. It is fully compatible with modular linear tools and stands out for its ease of access, simple operation and optimized maintenance.

At EuroBLECH 2022, Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik presented the new LM 2000 machine platform live for the first time. This platform is used to manufacture stamped and formed parts from strip material using linear tool technology and also supports the integration of further operating processes. It is equipped as standard with a feeder module, press module and central mandrel module that have been designed for all speed ranges. The LM 2000 platform is electrically pre-installed for maximum occupancy and for easy subsequent installation of further bending modules and central mandrels. Two variants of the LM 2000 are available: the LM 2000-KT and LM 2000-NC. These differ in the modules used for bending in the linear area. Bending modules equipped with cam technology (LM 2000-KT) are used for the production of medium-sized to large batches. Bending modules based on spindle technology (the LM 2000-NC variant) are used to manufacture small to medium-sized runs in order to permit the shortest possible setup times. All the modules (feeder, press, central mandrel, bending) are servo controlled.

Important role

The LM 2000 plays a new and important role in Bihler’s standardized machine concept because, in the same way as the NC variant, the LM 2000-KT is fully compatible with uniformly designed bending tool modules – for example, LEANTOOL Linear, parts taken from LEANTOOL Linear or or with compatible tool solutions of the user. It is also possible to use cutting frames from the Meusburger standard modular system. This means that every system can be operated using simplified and highly standardized tools. This in turn ensures shorter times to market, increased cost-efficiency and faster production. But above all, the LM 2000-KT and -NC offer greater flexibility in component production. This is because all the stamping and bending tools are compatible without any adaptations and can be ported between various Bihler systems: GRM-NC, LM 2000-NC, LM 2000-KT and BIMERIC Modular. The tools can be used throughout the entire product lifecycle, meaning that the most suitable production system can be chosen as the batch sizes increase or decrease and value-added grows.

Maximum performance

The LM 2000-KT is ideal for medium and large batch sizes with few variants. It controls the movements of the tools with one cam disk each, achieving cycle rates of up to 500 rpm. At these speeds, smooth running and stability are crucial. This is why the LM 2000-KT has a solid, robust machine bed. It effectively absorbs vibrations, which also has a positive impact on the service life of the tools and the productivity of the system. The system also has a particularly simple structure. This makes the machine easier to understand and operate. What is more, the developers of the LM 2000-KT placed particular emphasis on energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.

Standardized modules

The compact machine body comprises the feeder module, the central mandrel module, the press module and five module positions in the bending area, each with movement from above, below and the third plane. Other standardized modules that can be fitted at the module locations for operating processes such as contact welding, thread cutting and assembly are under development. For technical reasons, the retooling time for the cam-driven LM 2000-KT is longer than for the servodriven NC variant, but it is possible to switch out six cams within 90 minutes. A convenient quick-change system for the cams was therefore developed to achieve this. The LM 2000-KT will be available from the beginning of 2023.

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