Use digital technology to exploit the potentials

Dear readers,

digitalization is being described as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It has developed dramatically in recent years and its evolution will only continue to intensify in the future, affecting every aspect of life as we know it. Even now, it is opening up many new possibilities and avenues of progress in design processes and business applications by implementing smart manufacturing solutions in very specific ways. The focus is now placed on intelligent production systems which are completely interfaced and integrated with one another, ensuring the highest level of quality, efficiency, flexibility, and reliability.

We see many strategic partners and customers who are actively and successfully implementing digitalization and smart production solutions. Many others, however, are skeptical and hesitate. My advice is, don’t wait too long. Instead, take full advantage of the many opportunities the Digital World has to offer you! Whether you are focusing on optimizing an existing process or beginning a new smart project, we will support you from your first ideas right through to final production.

In our current edition of b on top, we would like to show you how our partners and customers are utilizing the many possibilities of the digital world in their own companies and how they are benefiting from it. I hope you find the current edition both enjoyable and inspiring.

Mathias Bihler (Managing Partner)