1.) Comparison of planning and costing effort

2.) Comparison of throughput time for tool implementation

3.) Comparison of initial commissioning time (= machine downtime)

4.) Comparison of production costs for bending tool

5.) Comparison of setup time

6.) Comparison of machine and tool technology*

Technical recommendations

Radial: R60 (on RM-NC) / R100 (on GRM-NC)

  • Strip dimensions (max.): approx. 2mm × 40mm / 2mm × 60mm
  • Wire diameters (max.): approx. 4mm / 6mm
  • If the bends are within the main working area, the formed part can generally be mapped with the modular tool kit; main working area diameter: 60mm (RM-NC) / 100mm (GRM-NC)
  • Up to approx. 8 bends for the bending part (for >8 bends the progressive principle is recommended)


Progressive: F250 (on GRM-NC)

  • Strip dimensions (max.): approx. 2mm x 60mm
  • Module length: approx. 250mm