Bihler Processing Center BZ2-S8 for stamped and formed parts and sub-assemblies


Highlights BZ2-S8

High-performance manufacturing system for mass production of stamped and formed parts and sub-assemblies

  • High production speeds up to 700 spm
  • New: All processing units driven by servo motors
  • New: Larger working space (plus 140 mm) for easy integration of processing modules
  • New: Connection of presses and slide units to circulating lubrication system: drastically reduced oil consumption
  • Convenient and secure operation with VariControl VC 1


Technical Data

Stroke rate: variable drive control up to 700 spm
Press: max. nominal stamping capacity 300 kN, fixed stroke 10 mm
Slide units: max. nominal forming capacity 50 kN, max. stroke 10 mm
Feed length: mech. feed: max. 40 mm, servo feed: any feed length
Material: max. strip width 80 mm, max. wire Ø 4 mm
Dimensions: width 2,950 mm x depth 1,400 mm x height 2,190 mm (without enclosure)
Weight: approx. 7,500 kg (with units and tooling, without enclosure)

Processing center

Servo modules optional