• Powerful machining system for mass production of larger stamped and formed parts as well as sub-assemblies
  • High production speeds of up to 250 1/min.
  • Maximum processing room thanks to the spatial division of stamping and forming operations
  • More than 2,100 mm travel for linear tool applications
  • Strong 400 kN two-point eccentric press with large installation capacity for bulky cutting tools
  • Easy integration of additional processing units (contact welding, tapping, inserting screws etc.)
  • Large central aperture in the work plate for flexible central mandrel movements
  • Easy to use VariControl VC 1 with 15“ touch screen

Technical Data

Stroke rate: Continuously variable from 5 to max. 250 1/min.
Press: Nominal stamping capacity 400 kN, stroke 20 mm
Slide units: Max. nominal forming capacity 90 kN, max. stroke 95 mm
Feed length: NC feed: any feed pitch, mech. feed: max. 500 mm, with feed cycle reduction
Material: max. strip thickness: 6 mm, max. strip width 80 mm, max. wire Ø 6 mm (depending on material and process)
Dimensions: Width 3,930 mm x depth 1,595 mm x height 2,220 mm
Weight Approx. 4,500 kg (without tooling)
  • The servo feed RZV 2.1 impresses with high feed speeds and excellent positioning accuracy.

  • The 400 kN two-point eccentric press offers plenty of room for cutting tools with lengths up to 670 mm and widths up to 230 mm.

  • With over 1400 mm travel for linear tool applications a total of more than 2100 mm is available on the work plate.

  • With the standard full machine enclosure you are fully protected.

Technology in Motion - GRM 80P


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Ease of use

With the VariControl VC 1 machine and process control system, Bihler emphasizes the keywords „Ease of Use“ and „Process Safety“ at a new, higher level. With state of the art software and hardware features, the intelligent control system guarantees greater efficiency in your production. The highly flexible control platform allows you to easily control even the most complex automation solutions in the field of stamping and forming assembly technology – on all Bihler machine types.