Fast, flexible pin placement

Bihler has developed the stitching process for manufacturing different plug connector types. This is fast enough to permit the highly flexible insertion (stitching) of up to 600 pins per minute. At the heart of this process lies the newly developed insertion module, which can be used on both a BIMERIC and a BMK-NC. The pin insertion module lies at the very heart of the Bihler stitching process. This is responsible for handling the housing and actually inserting the pins. This NC-assisted process is performed both horizontally and vertically.

More specifically, the process starts with the infeed of the contact housing (1), which is then placed in the workpiece carrier (2). The workpiece carrier and housing are then transferred to the pin insertion position. At the same time as this is happening, the carrier strip is moved forward and the pin is separated or removed from the strip (3). The pin is inserted in the intended position in the housing before the housing itself is then rotated and the second row is inserted. The fully assembled housing is then removed from the workpiece carrier again and exits the process (4).