Complete automation in perfection

Stamping, bending, tapping, screw fastening, welding, assembling

Bihler’s greatest advantage has always been the ability to perform a large number of processes simultaneously on one machine. Standardized process modules and peripheral devices, as well as modules from partner companies, can be integrated within one modular manufacturing concept on a Bihler production system.

Using Bihler as your one-stop supplier, you benefit from a tailor-made solution for your manufacturing task.


Whitepaper "Stamping and forming technology"

Stamping and forming technology is a fascinating technology. It can be used to produce metal parts from strip and wire as well as complete assemblies particularly efficiently.

This whitepaper provides a practical insight into stamping and forming technology. It describes the manufacturing systems, radial and linear tooling concepts, and other value-adding processes. Successfully realized case studies illustrate the versatile application possibilities. And with the Bihler Modular Series, the whitepaper presents forward-looking perspectives for your production.