Digital value creation

With the "Bihler Digital App", you increase efficiency in your production. Thanks to the modularity of the digital application, you fully exploit optimization potential on your machine. The focus is on training your employees as well as analyses and adjustments to the plant. The application is immediately ready for operation in a plug & play process without any programming effort.

With Bihler Digital, you set the course for your success.



Module "Analysis"

With the analysis module, you filter specific data from the machines, prepare it individually and create trend statistics with exact chronological error sequence. The most frequent errors with date and time as well as the duration of the corresponding downtimes in production become visible. The period under consideration can be narrowed down as desired. This allows you to see the relevance of the errors at a glance and to initiate targeted optimization measures.

Our experts in the Consulting department will be happy to support you with an initial evaluation of your analysis data. They will evaluate the results of the defect analysis and give you recommendations for action to optimize the manufacturing processes. This additional service is included in the analysis module subscription. Of course, our specialist departments will also help you to implement the recommended optimization afterwards.

Your benefit: Optimizing your manufacturing processes will significantly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your plants.



Module "Offline VC 1"

With the Offline VC 1 module, you can program new molds, parameterize existing molds or perform other preparations on the machine offline on an office computer without interrupting the system. This increases machine availability and boosts cost efficiency. The same applies to training sessions on the VC 1, which are simply held offline on the desktop while production is running. In addition, you can use this module to test the latest VC 1 version offline in advance.

Modes Programming / Training

- Offline VC 1 programming: Extension and modification conveniently from your desktop computer in the office
- Offline VC 1 training: Training of employees at the office workstation without interruption of production




Module "Job Management"

With the "Job Management" module, job management no longer has to be done at the VC 1 control. You can now manage the job supply conveniently in your office at your desk. Jobs can be created, edited, planned and prioritized there and then fed digitally (paperless) into production. This minimizes time and printing costs. The new module is also functionally optimized and designed to be particularly user-friendly.



Module "Animation"

The "Animation" module allows the visualization and animation of complete production lines as well as individual assemblies or tools. The animations are perfect for training and familiarization purposes. However, you can also use them as a knowledge database.

The basis for each animation is the corresponding CAD data of your plant. These are animated according to the game engineering principle. Via a play button you then start the complete manufacturing process from strip feeding to the final product. In addition to particularly detailed views, you can also set points of interest in the "Animation" module. These are information fields that you store on an assembly or tool using a marker and contain useful information such as setting sheets or instructions.


Subscription model

Pricing model

A subscription model tailored to your individual needs - you only pay for modules you need.


- VC 1 control software version 2 or higher
- OPC UA Server
- End device: desktop, laptop or tablet with Windows version 10 or higher

Brochure - "Bihler Digital App"

Digital value creation




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