Shaping good taste

Cookie cutters

Cookie cutters are seasonal goods and have to be manufactured particularly quickly and flexibly. A standard set of cutters will usually comprise ten shapes, from trees and bells, hearts and comets up to moons and stars. An optimum production process demands that the tools for the different cutter shapes can be changed quickly and easily. Which is why these cookie cutters are manufactured on a RM-NC servo stamping and forming machine.


Changeover is a virtually automatic process that is done by adjusting the parameters using the controller. The precision of movement of the individual NC units ensures that the joint is located cleanly and precisely and permanently closed at the end of the entire bending process. The word "Germany" embossed on the side is applied to the blank strip beforehand by the stamping tool.


Cookie cutters manufactured with Bihler Technology
Hose clamps manufactured with Bihler Technology

Well connected

Worm-gear hose clamps

Wherever pipes, tubes and hoses need to be fitted to rigid connections, you will find hose clamps. And worm-gear hose clamps are especially widespread. They comprise a circular metal band that is tightened using an adjusting screw. The threads of the adjusting screw engage exactly in the perforated metal band or in the embossed grooves in the clamping band.

Bihler's BIMERIC BM 1500 servo production and assembly system is the perfect choice for manufacturing the hose clamps. It delivers 100 fully assembled hose clamps per minute and is a particularly flexible manufacturing system that easily covers even the wide variety of clamps with diameters of between eight and 120 millimeters. At the same time, the BIMERIC BM 1500 ensures extremely short setup times of less than 30 minutes.


Perfect flow

Double-entry fan impellers

Fans and fan impellers are to be found in virtually all aspects of our daily lives. Depending on the construction, the wheels can have vanes or rotor blades that are straight or curved forwards or backwards, and can be single-entry or doubleentry systems, taking air in on one or both sides. The important thing with all fans and fan impellers is that they are constructed exactly to a particular shape in order to handle the sometimes considerable rotation effects.

In order to guarantee this high precision standards, small and medium-sized, doubleentry fan impellers are manufactured on the mechanical GRM 80E stamping and forming machine. The compact machine system delivers fully assembled fan impellers, each with 48 rotor blades and a total of nine different models of fan impeller. The GRM 80E convinces with short setup times, optimum accessibility and consistently high component quality.

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Fan impellers manufactured with Bihler technology