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Bihlerplanning Web App

Just like a large database, the Bihlerplanning web app contains a very large quantity of parts-related and engineering know-how. With it, all users have rapid access to precise information on parts planning and tool design and are consequently able to prepare feasibility assessments and offers with no loss of time. The Bihlerplanning web app, which is being constantly extended, is available free of charge to registered users.

Coming to conclusions about the feasibility of the processes and determining the estimated cost and effort required for development and the part itself are vital steps in parts production that take place immediately after the initial customer inquiry. Just as important at this point is information about the unit price during subsequent production, including for variants. It is also clearly necessary to calculate when the first prototypes and sample series can be delivered to the customer. These factors, which are essential for the preparation of offers and securing contracts, can be determined quickly and easily using the Bihlerplanning web app. “The Bihlerplanning web app is an ideal tool for planners and design engineers and helps them to identify the required process, prepare their offers and design LEANTOOL radial and linear tools,” explains Pius Niklas from the Bihler Process Planning Team. The web app not only delivers concrete information regarding the technical feasibility of an enormous variety of stamped and bended strip and wire parts. More importantly, it also provides information about the required machine type, the necessary standardized tool components, the achievable throughputs, the setup times and the machining times as a function of batch size. All users are able to use the Bihlerplanning web app to perform detailed calculations prior to production and decisively improve their market reactivity. The tool costs, in particular, can be quantified extremely precisely on the basis of the defined proportions of standard parts, blanks and custom parts.

Step by step

In this way, the Bihlerplanning web app acts as an extensive library and database of example solutions. In STEP format, it provides Bihler’s collected expertise in the field of stamping and bending processes and tool engineering, all of which has been gathered by the company over a period of decades. Using the stored knowledge from more than 65 case examples, it is possible to determine all the required parts-related information by searching for and identifying similarities. The app guides the user step-by-step through the entire planning and design process. First of all, a bended part similar to the required part is searched for and selected, for example a shielding sleeve. The appropriate production system, throughput and setup time are then automatically displayed for this part together with the machining time, including the setup for the required batch size. In the next step, the web app displays all the necessary bending steps in the animated 3D design together with the appropriate bending tool and its usage on the corresponding production system. An animation of the proposed manufacturing sequence is also provided. After this, all the standard components or LEANTOOL standard parts are displayed together with the setup and positioning on the machine. Finally, the user is able to observe the completed tool, the LEANTOOL standards and the machine environment in detail. In the future, the web app will contain additional icons that provide further information including video tutorials and support PDFs for Bihler solutions.

Cost-free use

Ever since it was introduced in 2016, the Bihlerplanning web app has been growing in popularity. Consequently, more than 1,300 planners and design engineers are now already using the tool in their everyday work. And the best thing of all? After registration, the app is available for use free-of-charge at www.bihlerplanning.de. It is also continuously being extended by new component examples and features and, as an online solution, is naturally available round-the-clock. The Bihler team responsible for the app is also available to customers and provides support on-site. You can find further information on the web app and its operation, together with a video, on the Bihler-Homepage at www.bihler.de.


Pius Niklas
Web App Contact Person

Tel.: +49(0)8368/18-9564



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