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„Safety in a collision“

Head Restraint Tubes, Automotive

In the event of a collision, head restraints ensure that the heads of the vehicle’s occupants are not flung backward and in this way prevent severe injury to the cervical vertebrae. The correct adjustment of the head restraint is particularly important. It must be adjusted so that its top edge is level with the crown of the head. The height is adjusted using the tubes of the head restraint. These tubes are manufactured to perfection with different lengths, notches and angles on a BM 4500 servo production and assembly system – at a speed of 40 parts per minute and monitored by numerous integrated inspection stations.

One complete system for all processes

The manufacturing process includes the feeding of the tube parts, the inspection of the tube lengths, weld seam recognition and the alignment of the different parts. This is followed by cutting and stamping at the various stations, laser marking, the radial riveting of the pipe end, and the bending process. During these operations, the system’s 44 NC axes guarantee that it is possible to switch between variants in a period of 15 to 60 minutes. Consequently, the BM 4500 represents an NC-controlled, fully-featured production system for all the process and operating steps that simultaneously guarantees outstanding ease of handling.

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