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„Resource saving“

Resource saving manufacture of stamped and formed parts

The GRM-NC is a flexible multipurpose machine that has been specially designed for small to mid-sized runs. The system’s long service life, its compatibility with existing tools and the efficient use of materials during manufacture make it possible to save large quantities of valuable resources.

The GRM-NC servo stamping-and-bending machine is the ideal solution for the flexible, highly productive manufacture of stamped-and-bended parts made from strip and wire material, round components and follow-up parts using radial and linear manufacturing technology. It is a multipurpose machine designed for fast tool changes that excels, in particular, during the manufacture of small to mid-sized runs and achieves production speeds of up to 250 parts per minute. However, the GRM-NC stands out not only for its high performance but also because of its contribution to sustainability and resource-efficiency. Thus, the servo stamping-and-bending machine is robust and durable thanks to the use of high-grade materials and needs practically no replacement parts in normal operation.

Trouble-free adaptation

The fact that it is not generally necessary to manufacture any new tools for the GRM-NC makes the solution even more resource- and materials-efficient. This is because existing tools that used to run, for example, on a mechanical GRM system can easily be adapted for the GRM-NC. One positive side-effect is that these tools can run considerably faster on the GRM-NC and achieve up to a 300 percent increase in output. What is more, setup times can be reduced by a factor of ten. And if new tools are needed then these can be created quickly and economically with the LEANTOOL system, which uses a high proportion of high-precision standard parts boasting a material-efficient design.

Optimized material utilization

Naturally, the GRM-NC also saves large quantities of materials and resources in practice during the manufacture of the components. Ultimately, the Bihler radial bending formula, i.e. strip width equals part width, also applies here and only one stamping strip is required for linear bending. What is more, all operations can be performed so precisely that the quantities of offcuts and waste material are reduced to the very minimum. This is a benefit that pays for itself very quickly in round-the-clock operation and, in particular, when machining high-cost input materials. Taken together with the high performance, versatility of use and the outstanding tool compatibility, these many different material and resource savings make the GRM-NC a modern, forward-looking manufacturing solution.



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