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Sockets, Contacts and Connectors

Sockets are becoming ever more important in every field of work and daily life. Ultimately, it is not only necessary to power conventional energy consumers such as lamps, vacuum cleaners or electric shavers, but also to constantly recharge all the more recent devices such as smartphones, notebooks and tablets. The employed sockets are highly complex components consisting of many individual parts. These include, for example, the base plate, the connecting terminals, the casing, screws and plug contacts. All these parts must be manufactured and assembled to a high level of precision, not least in order to be able to reliably guarantee the safety of the electrical circuit.

One complete system for all processes

The socket pictured here, which is designed for concealed installation, is manufactured on a BIMERIC servo production and assembly system. The system is perfectly configured to manufacture this complex assembly in full in one end-to-end operating process. During this process, all the individual components are not only machined precisely and efficiently but, at the same time, are also assembled to form the finished final product. The Bihler BIMERIC servo production and assembly system ensures maximum process stability and reliability during the operation. The complete system is intuitively controlled using the VariControl controller.

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