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„Reliable power connection“

Terminal clamps, battery

The electric vehicle may be poised to dominate the future of motoring but the majority of cars on the road today are still powered conventionally by an internal combustion engine. This engine relies on a battery to power the starter motor as well as components like the engine control unit, fuel injection system, ignition coil or glow plugs. It also keeps things like the clock, radio and hazard warning lights powered when the engine is not running. The power passes from the battery’s terminals, through battery terminal clamps, to the vehicle’s wiring system.

High processing speeds

Terminal clamps like this are made in a BZ processing center. Its modular, open design places almost no constraints on how processing units needed in a manufacturing process can be integrated, making it ideal for the production of high-quality precision parts – parts like battery terminal clamps, which require a range of steps (specifically, punching, bending, stamping, assembly and feeding) to be performed on a single system. The output rate runs to around 150 parts per minute. The BZ processing center combines this kind of high processing speed with exceptional precision while minimizing offcut and scrap.

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