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„Reliable loading“

Shielding Sleeves, E-Mobility

In charging plugs, shielding sleeves protect conductive or surrounding components against electrical and/or magnetic fields. In this way, they ensure the reliable and trouble-free functioning of the plugs, in particular when high charging currents are used as is necessary, for example, when charging electric vehicles. These safety-related components are manufactured on a GRM-NC stamping and forming machine using the modular LEANTOOL linear tool.

Highly standardized tooling

In this way, these delicate components can be manufactured to a high level of precision and with a throughput of 170 shielding sleeves per minute. The economical, highly standardized LEANTOOL tool ensures extremely short implementation times and therefore also a very fast time-to-market. The changeover between variants is equally fast and all the required sleeve types can be manufactured extremely efficiently and are one hundred percent reproducible.

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