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Winding Element, E-Mobility

Electromobility is playing an ever more important role in the world of transport. The advantages of the electric drive are exploited in particular in cars, but are also used by motorcycles, scooters and bicycles. The heart of any electric motor is the internal conductor coil. When current passes through it, it generates magnetic fields whose force is converted into kinetic energy. Depending on its construction, the coil consists of a multiply wound electrical conductor in the form of a wire or strand. At the heart of each primary winding there is a u-shaped winding element. The winding element shown here is used in the electric motors of eBikes.

Perfectly integrated production system

It is manufactured on a RM 40K stamping and bending machine at a rate of 100 parts per minute. The process starts with the removal of the isolation from the copper wire and the pulling-in of the material. The wire is then notched, bended, cut and ejected. The mechanism for removing the isolation consists of an NC process module which is integrated in the system and the VC 1 control unit. The bending of the wire is also performed by an NC unit so that corrections are easy to implement. In practice, the RM 40K operates in a cluster and is integrated in a higher-level production line.

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