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„Proven technology acquires new strength“

Modernization, general overhauling, plant extension

Many systems from the Bihler portfolio can be upgraded to the current state-of-the-art quickly and easily. This is because Bihler undertakes the modernization, general overhauling and extension of existing systems – in a way that always meets the individual user’s precise needs.

Whether in the form of a GRM-80, BZ 2 or MC 82: Earlier Bihler systems continue to play an important role in many users’ everyday production operations and are highly valued because of their outstandingly robust construction, precision and dependability. However, these existing systems often come up against their limits when faced with the production challenges of the future, for example with regard to spare parts availability, handling or vertical integration. And that is precisely the problem Bihler aims to solve with its comprehensive set of modernization and extension measures. “We focus very clearly on making production more reliable and consequently increasing machine availability,” explains Hubert Werner, who is responsible for the sale of modernization solutions at Bihler.

Current state-of-the-art

“Following our intervention, the machines correspond to the current state-of-the-art and meet applicable safety and quality standards. Coupled with guaranteed spare parts availability, this can result in very substantial improvements in efficiency.” By modernizing or extending their solutions, all users help maintain the value of their systems, and these measures also make sense in terms of sustainability and responsible resource utilization. More specifically, Bihler undertakes the modernization, general overhauling and extension of existing systems, which can then also benefit from the available digital services.

Modernizations are performed locally at the customer’s premises and includes the replacement of the controller and the electrical components. No mechanical changes are made to the underlying basic machine. One example is retrofitting a BC R controller to a GRM-80 stamping-and-bending machine.

General overhauls include modernization and is not performed at the customer’s premises but at Bihler. Here, the system is mechanically overhauled and re-equipped right down to the last bolt and the final bearing – For example when a BZ 2 processing center is sent to be retrofitted with a new VC 1 controller. By and large, systems that have undergone a general overhaul have the same quality as a new machine and can be controlled in exactly the same way as modern Bihler systems.

Extensions primarily involve the addition of new functions and the retrofitting of machines with new mechanical and electronic assemblies. These can take the form of a new NC drive, for example, or may involve complex conversions and/or extensions to entire tools. In this way, users can perform new tasks on their Bihler systems and can extend their product portfolios.


Service from a single supplier

Whatever the Bihler system in question, it is upgraded quickly and unproblematically by Bihler’s service engineers. They plan their interventions individually for each system and ensure that the machine is ready for operation and recommissioned with no loss of time. “Every measure is always specially tailored to the customer’s individual needs and requirements,” stresses Werner. “The result is always a high performance, reliable production system with guaranteed spare parts availability that is ideally prepared for future manufacturing requirements.”


Hubert Werner
Sales Modernization



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