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Kick-Over Contacts, Household Technology

Starting a washing machine sets a complex process in motion that involves a wide variety of components. One of the key components is the pressure switch. Its kick-over spring contact controls the water level in the drum and ensures that the water is warm at the right time. To do this, the pressure switch opens and closes circuits that switch a solenoid valve and the heating element on or off. Production of the kick-over contacts involves forming, welding, riveting, feeding and assembling.

One central welding control

In practice, the entire process is carried out by a BIMERIC servo production and assembly system. It manufactures the complex assembly at 100 to 120 parts per minute at a single station, with the machine and the process being controlled from a central unit. The five welding points are also controlled and monitored by a central welding controller. Additional reliability and 100 percent component quality are ensured by integrated test stations and seamless process monitoring. At the same time, the system boasts optimum accessibility and short changeover and setup times.

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