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„One of a kind“

New high-performance welding control system B 20K

With its protected power supply, five standard measuring channels, a single inverter and servo axis controller, the B 20K welding control system boasts features and functions that are to be found nowhere else. Especially in the field of resistance welding, the system is setting new standards, offering the very best in terms of safety, quality and efficiency.

The new B 20K welding controller is the world's only system to be able to cover all power classes with a single inverter.

The new B 20K welding control system from Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik represents a radical development and improvement of the existing B 5000 welding system. The improvements to the machine include greater ease of use: a uniform interface, simple navigation and compact, more concise screen information. In conjunction with the touchscreen, this makes the B 20K extremely easy and efficient to operate. Another important innovation can be found in the inverter, that regulates the welding parameters and makes the necessary power available. The key is that this is done by a single inverter in the B 20K. “Bihler is the only vendor in the world that covers all power classes from 70 to 220 kilovoltamperes with a single inverter,” explains Christoph Schäfer; Head of Product Management at Bihler. “This means that the inverter forms the universal basic hardware, making time-consuming conversion or replacement a thing of the past.” This huge flexibility allows the B 20K to be used for a vast range of welding tasks, from micro-welding up to macro-welding. And at the same time, the system is ideally equipped to handle the welding jobs of the future. A further feature is that the B 20K is also compatible with an inductor for contactless heating of steel and non-ferrous metals.

Seamless monitoring

And the B 20K welding control system is also setting new standards in respect of process reliability. For instance, unlike the models offered by competitors around the globe, it is equipped with five integrated measuring channels as standard. This allows all relevant parameters such as current, voltage, travel and force to be captured, analyzed and monitored in their entirety. Both single measurements and complete measurement curves including trend lines can be used for this purpose. As well as monitoring trends, it is also possible to monitor envelopes within a given tolerance range. These can also be adjusted for partial segments if necessary. All this provides maximum reliability and transparency for the welding process. Christoph Schäfer: “The broad base of acquired data allows efficient optimizations, and the relevant functions guarantee perfect process monitoring. As a result, it is possible to boost the quality of any welding process long term.” A further highlight of the B 20K is its superb performance. The 70 kVA transformer, for instance, allows process frequencies of up to 20,000 Hz. These high frequencies provide plenty of room for intervention and thus extremely precise, targeted dosing of the applied energy. This increases process reliability andquality, articularly when manufacturing micro-contacts and carrying out ultra-small welding operations.

Safety and independence

A further world first is the active power supply module that is fitted in the B 20K as standard and provides protection against power fluctuations. Acting like an energy storage device, it compensates for fluctuations in the power supply network and ensures that the welding process is always provided with a constant voltage. This reduces downtimes and malfunctions and makes the welding process extremely safe, while also increasing availability. The option of integrating servo axes is also unique and sets new standards in pressing and progressive machining. This is because all movement sequences of the welding tool are carried out autonomously and independently of the press stroke, for instance. They are controlled by the welding control system and can be integrated in any existing manufacturing system. This option is provided by the B 20K-NC variant, which features additional axis cabinets. The B 20K is also available as a standalone variant with two welding positions and as the B 20K-VC1. This is an all-in-one variant that provides an integratable, fully automatic manufacturing solution that combines the welding control system and the machine and process controllers to deliver the full range of functions from the B 20K and the VariControl VC 1.


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