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„New standards“

Standardized stamping and bending frames for NC presses

With new, standardized stamping and bending frames for the Bihler NC presses, Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik is further extending the LEANTOOL system concept. The frames, which were developed in cooperation with Meusburger, a leading manufacturer of standard components, ensure additional time and cost savings. At the same time, they further reduce time-to-market and make this easier to calculate.

Taking the LEANTOOL system as its basis, Bihler has further extended the concept of standardization as a success factor and has developed it even further in cooperation with Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co. KG in Wolfurt in Austria – in the form of standardized cutting frames for Bihler’s NC presses with press forces of 200 kN, 300 kN and 400 kN. The frames, which measure up to 596 mm in length are available in the types “SBH tunnel cut” for prototypes and short runs or “SBP sprung guide plate” for high-precision parts and large quantities.

Better calculations

The standardized cutting frames are a market innovation and are the most recent result of many years of successful cooperation between Bihler and Meusburger. The idea of a standard for stamping-andbending frames was the result of clear requirements: “The aim was to free customers from the need for costly, time intensive one-off production operations by standardizing the frames,” explains Thomas Enz, Business Development Manager for Stamping Tool Construction at Meusburger. “With the new frames, we have taken the idea of standardization in the stamping and bending field further, once again cutting time-to-market and making it easier to calculate,” adds Marc Walter, Head of Process Planning at Bihler. “The new frames are much more economical than individually manufactured structures and are available quickly.” At the same time, they excel through numerous practical features such as the precise alignment edge, the antitwist protection or the helpful fixing threads. Last but not least, the standardized frames also reduce the risk of errors during the manufacturing process. Ultimately, design engineers no longer have to worry about this peripheral device but are free to focus on other process steps.

Dual availability

At Bihler, the new stamping-and bending frames are already being used as components in complete tool solutions. They can be ordered separately online from Meusburger, where a design wizard is also available for individual configurations.


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