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„New digital modules available“

New features in the Bihler Digital App

Bihler is continuously extending its range of digital tools and services. The latest developments are the Bihler Animation module for process animation and a new order management module. Both will be available as of the fall.

In recent years, Bihler has developed many innovative digital features and service modules for its “Bihler Digital” offering (previously Bihler Cockpit). These form a virtual environment in which all users can examine every aspect of their Bihler systems and processes and analyze and optimize these. This offering is being continuously extended and the Bihler Animation module is an example of one of the most recent developments. “Bihler Animation makes it possible to visualize and animate the entire production system as well as individual assemblies or tools,” explains Bastian Hartmann from Bihler Sales and Customer Support. “Although the animations are perfect for training and induction events, they can also be used as a knowledge database.” The basis for each of the animations is provided by the CAD data, which is then animated in accordance with the game engineering principle. The customer can then simply press “Play” to play through the animated manufacturing process from strip intake through to the finished product. In addition to particularly detailed views, the Bihler Animation module also allows users to define so-called points of interest. These are information fields that can be set at an assembly or tool in the form of a marker and that contain information such as settings sheets or instructions.

Job management made simple

Another innovation in the world of Bihler Digital is the Bihler job management module. “Thanks to this new module, job management no longer has to be performed at the VC 1 controller and can instead be done sitting comfortably at your desk,” explains Hartmann. Here it is possible to set up, edit, plan and prioritize the jobs before integrating them digitally in the production flow. The functionality of the new module has also been optimized and it has a particular user-friendly design. In addition to the two new modules, which will be available as of fall 2023, Bihler has also added new functions to the existing Bihler Digital modules. For example, archived backups can now be imported into the Offline VC 1 module and the analysis module also contains tool change times as well as the complete VC 1 message history.


Bastian Hartmann
Sales Customer Support



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