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„Maximum E-Power“

Hairpins, E-Mobility

Alongside many other e-mobility components, Bihler’s servo technology again shows off its strengths in the manufacture of hairpins. These components, referred to as hairpins because of their shape, ensure the reliable, efficient transmission of electricity inside the electric motors of cars. They are manufactured on the BM-HP 3000 servo production system. The manufacturing process is characterized by standardized machine processes which make it possible to produce the hairpins directly from coils of either round or flat wire. The key: The change of variant takes place “on the fly”, i.e. only when the corresponding data is called up.

Standardized manufacturing processes

The production of each hairpin on the servo-controlled system starts with the highly dynamic drawing-in of the wire, which is then cut. After this, the isolating lacquer is removed mechanically under NC control while, at the same time, the pin ends are chamfered and the preliminary and 3D die-bending of the component is performed. The manufacturing process concludes with the final measurement of the component geometry and inline adjustment and the output from the process ranges from 60 to 120 high-precision hairpins per minute depending on the variant.

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