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„Kind to the climate“

Highest production efficiency under climate protection aspects

The BIMERIC Modular servo production and assembly system permits the end-to-end manufacture of components and complete assemblies. The strategy of bundling all the work operations together in a single machine ensures outstanding production efficiency that is compatible with the demands of climate protection because the high logistics and materials requirements of conventional processes are completely eliminated.

The BIMERIC Modular servo production and assembly system is the ideal solution platform for the exceptionally efficient manufacture of components and complete assemblies. This is because the BIMERIC’s modular design not only permits stamping and bending but also supports the unproblematic integration of additional operations, such as thread cutting, screw insertion, welding, feed operations and the incorporation of external parts, in a single end-to-end system. The clear, modular separation between the stamping, bending and assembly processes ensures end-to-end continuous-flow manufacturing using standardized process modules on a single machine – at speeds of up to 250 cycles per minute.

Extensive CO2 savings

The outstanding efficiency of all BIMERIC machines also makes a huge contribution in terms of environmental and climate protection. This is because production on the BIMERIC is fully automatic – right through to the finished component. Semifinished components do not – as is often otherwise the case – have to be transported by truck to another site for further processing or final assembly, thus saving huge quantities of climate-threatening CO2. The need for customer-specific special machines, which would otherwise have to be constructed to feed the metal parts or for final assembly, for example, is also eliminated. This also reduces the CO2 load because far less additional material in the form of steel, electronic components and cables has to be manufactured and processed.

Enhanced eco-assessment

It was already possible in the past to replace all types of conventional deep-drawing processes with new process technologies based on the BIMERIC platform. One example of this is the process used at Freudenberg GmbH & Co. KG in Weinheim, Germany, whose ingenuity has been rewarded with the German Innovation Award. Here, a BIMERIC has brought about an 85-percent reduction in materials consumption during the manufacture of seals – and because there is also no need for any environmentally harmful lubricants, annual CO2 emissions have been reduced by approximately 2,700 tonnes. The climatic and CO2-related impacts of a component manufactured on a BIMERIC can therefore be far less than those of a part produced using conventional processes, such as deep-drawing.


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