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Electric Motor Housings, Automotive

Whether we are talking about the sliding roof, windshield wipers, mirror or seat: In modern vehicles, vast quantities of electronics ensure the precise positioning of a wide range of different components. The motor housings are of particular importance. They must fit precisely around the internal components and must have exactly the right diameter. In this context, the construction of double-walled motor housings is particularly demanding. This form of construction increases the performance of the electric motor. At the same time, less force is required for forming and calibration.

High production speeds

In practice, these double-walled electric motor housings are manufactured on a GRM-NC servo stamping and bending machine. The high-performance system is ideally suited for the high-throughput manufacturing of stamped and bended parts and bended wire parts in small and medium batch sizes. In such tasks, the GRM-NC excels through its very high production speeds – and even in the field of housing manufacture, the output level is between 45 and 55 parts per minute. At the same time, the GRM-NC can manufacture the different housing variants without difficulty and ensures extremely short setup times combined with one hundred percent reproducibility.

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