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BC R Upgrade and Retrofit Package

Thanks to the BC R Upgrade and Retrofit Package, it is possible to turn older Bihler equipment into state-of-the-art systems quickly and easily – and thus achieve greater productivity coupled with the latest safety features and guaranteed spare parts availability.

Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik has been offering a new BC R upgrade and retrofit package since 2019 for modernizing existing Bihler systems. It consists of an up-to-date BC R controller together with numerous new machine components. “The function scope of the BC R package is perfectly adapted for conventional, long-running applications, allowing customers to modernize their existing Bihler machines quickly and economically,” explains Hubert Werner, Head of Bihler’s System Extension and Modernization department. “The modernization ensures not only greater machine availability due to a guaranteed spare parts supply but also implements the most recent standards for humans and the machine.” This means that all the mandatory machine inspections can be passed without difficulty in the future. What is more, existing machines can also optionally be given networking capability thanks to the new BC R machine controller (“Bihler Control Retrofit”). This makes it possible to use Bihler’s Remote Service as well as to integrate systems into digital production environments (e.g. OPC-UA). The modernization is available for Bihler systems of type RM-30, RM-35, RM-40, GRM-50, GRM-80, GRM-100 as well as for Mach-1, Mach-1/7 and Mach-05.

Completed in five working days

At the heart of the Upgrade and Retrofit Package is the Bihler BC R controller with touch display and control cabinet. This is complemented by the new frequency-controlled, infinitely adjustable drive, freely-programmable input/output modules, sensors for machine monitoring, and electronic hand-wheel operation. Other available options include a new central lubrication system, new hydraulics and new interfaces for the connection of peripheral devices. At a practical level, the first step in machine modernization is to complete a form requesting an individual requirements analysis. Following acceptance of the offer, Bihler’s service engineers convert the machine directly at the customer’s premises and equip it with the new BC R controller. At the same time, the system benefits from a full electrical refurbishment. The final step is to commission the machine ready for production. What makes this service so special is that the entire machine modernization operation is completed in under only five working days.

Hubert Werner
System Extension and Modernization

Tel.: +49(0)8368/18-366


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