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„Fit for the future“

Vitz: Smooth upgrade for increased user comfort

Johann Vitz GmbH & Co. KG in Velbert has already modernized two GRM 80 stamping and forming machines with the BC R upgrade and retrofit package. The new control system with guaranteed availability of spare parts ensures that the system will remain operational over the coming years, and installation of the upgrade, which the company carried out itself, went absolutely smoothly.

Whether it be monitors or control boards, spare parts are no longer available for the control units on older, mechanical Bihler systems. Since 2019, Bihler has been offering the BC R upgrade and retrofit package for all users who nevertheless wish to continue manufacturing with their existing systems. This allows RM-30, RM-35, RM-40, GRM-50, GRM-80, GRM-100 as well as Mach-1, Mach-1/7 and Mach-05 machines to be quickly and easily brought completely up to date, providing greater productivity combined with the latest safety features and guaranteed spare parts availability. The package includes a BC R control system with touch display and control cabinet, a frequency-controlled, infinitely adjustable drive and freely programmable input and output modules. Also included are improved sensor technology for machine monitoring and the electronic hand-wheel.

Johann Vitz GmbH & Co. KG brought two GRM 80 machines up to date using the Bihler BC R upgrade and retrofit package.

Reliability for years to come

The BC R upgrade and retrofit package also impressed Johann Vitz GmbH & Co. KG in Velbert. “The Bihler mechanical systems are extremely robust and are extremely reliable in operation. We value them for their extreme precision and the fact that the tools are compatible across the machines,” says Managing Director Michael Vitz. “On the other hand, they need long set-up times and require qualified employees.” The company therefore modernized two GRM 80s immediately the package was released. Vitz: “The guaranteed availability of spare parts gives us the security to be able to operate the machines for many more years.” One important aspect: “The upgrade means that the machine does not need a CE mark, as it is primarily safety that is being enhanced, not performance.” Other advantages: Thanks to the new BC R controller, the machines can now be set up and programmed far more easily and quickly. And last but not least, the new control system has met with considerable acceptance among the workforce because it is clearly structured and quick to operate. In addition, any of the machines modernized in this way can optionally be networked.

Thanks to the guaranteed availability of spare parts, Managing Director Michael Vitz can be certain of being able to continue to operate the machines for years to come.

Problem-free installation

At Johann Vitz GmbH & Co. KG, the workforce installed the BC R upgrade and retrofit package on the stamping and bending machines themselves, i.e. without a Bihler engineer present. “All the components arrived perfectly packaged and sorted, and the whole package was installed without any problems within a few days. The upgrade went off without a hitch,” reports Viktor Schäfer, head of operations and maintenance. In practice, the modernized systems make a very positive impression not only because they are easier to program, but also because of the greatly reduced setup times and greater ease of operation: “Thanks to the electronic hand-wheel, the machine can now be moved in increments of a tenth of a degree, which is a huge help to the operator. This never used to be possible due to the way the gearing and clutch work.”

Further modernizations

Vitz sums up: “The modernization of our machines has absolutely paid off, and machine availability has been increased significantly. We are planning to upgrade even more of our existing Bihler machines with the package, and in parallel we are updating our machine park with new, NC-controlled Bihler systems.”

Johann Vitz GmbH & Co. KG

Johann Vitz GmbH & Co. KG in Velbert was founded in 1908 and now has a workforce of some 260 employees manufacturing springs, punched and bended parts on more than 350 production machines at their 10,000 m² factory. These are used in the automotive industry and telecommunications as well as in the mechanical engineering sector and the manufacture of household appliances.



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