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Standardized LEANTOOL System

The Bihler LEANTOOL system is one of the most recent innovations from Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik and allows users to manufacture their new tools faster, more simply and up to 70 percent cheaper. As a result, they themselves are in a position to offer complex parts in small batch sizes faster and more economically and therefore create a clear competitive advantage for themselves.

As a standardized modular toolbox, the LEANTOOL system permits end-to-end tool creation from a single supplier and enables users to save a huge amount of time and money. At the same time, it permits extremely short times-to-market even at very small batch sizes. The LEANTOOL system is available both for radial and for linear manufacturing solutions in the form of the LEANTOOL Radial and the LEANTOOL Progressive systems. In both cases, the tools manufactured using LEANTOOL consist of up to 70 percent standardized components. In the case of the radial solution, this reduces manufacturing costs by 70 percent. In the case of the linear solution, the costs are up to 40 percent lower and raw material utilization is improved by up to 25 percent. Overall, approximately 40 percent fewer tool parts are required here.

Clear market advantage

What is more, the tools manufactured using the LEANTOOL system stand out not just because of their production method. Even more so, they excel through their very short setup times of sometimes under 30 minutes, as well through their optimized accessibility in the system. Other factors of success include the ease of maintenance and a high throughput. The LEANTOOL system now constitutes the standard for new tool production at the Bihler RM-NC and GRM-NC servo-controlled stamping and forming machines. The LEANTOOL Radial system, which is efficient in the way it uses materials, is designed for the manufacture of so-called radial stamping and bending tools which can be bended around the core in one position. By contrast, the LEANTOOL Progressive system permits multistage component machining and is therefore perfect for more complex stamped and bended parts. In this case – in contrast to the limited radial concept – it is, in theory, possible to perform an infinite number of operations at the part. Both solutions allow users to bring new products to market faster and much more economically than their competitors. This makes the LEANTOOL system the ideal concept for success in the global competitive environment and for ensuring a clear market advantage, both now and on into the future.

Marc Walter
Tooling standardization/process planning

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