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GRM-NC: The multi-talented machine

When it comes to the manufacture of small to medium batch sizes in a large number of different variants, then the multi-talented GRM-NC in combination with the LEANTOOL radial and linear tooling concept is the perfect solution. In this way, users can manufacture all their new tools simply and quickly and launch new products on the market significantly faster and more economically than their competitors.

The Bihler LEANTOOL L250 system for developing bending tools for progressive tooling technology is also used with the GRM-NC. This servo stamping and bending machine is equipped with the basic LEANTOOL variant. This provides the standardized interface to the tool and contains the tool holder and the LEANTOOL module. As standard, this includes the standardized parts for the rams and units, together with the blanks, the plate assembly and the other functional components such as securing elements and the basic equipment. GRM-NC machines built before 2019 which do not possess this basic variant can be equipped with a special upgrade for the LEANTOOL L250 system. The LEANTOOL L250 system consists of 60 to 70 percent standard parts, thereby reducing manufacturing costs by up to 50 percent compared to conventional progressive tools. In this way, all users can manufacture new tools extremely simply and quickly – and launch the corresponding components on the market significantly faster and more economically than their competitors.

Dual standard

On the GRM-NC, the LEANTOOL L250 tool is used in the form of independent bending units. With a total machining length of 1,400 mm, the basic configuration has space for a press and three bending units of a length of 250 mm each. Thanks to the LEANTOOL L250 system’s standardized interfaces, these can be set up and changed particularly quickly, thereby further increasing the efficiency of the system. However, the high standardization level of the GRM-NC is not simply limited to bending but also increases the machine’s productivity and economic efficiency during stamping or punching operations. This is because the new standardized SBH and SBP cutting frames, which were developed by Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik in cooperation with the Austrian manufacturer of standard parts Meusburger, are used for this. These relieve users of the cost- and time-intensive task of manufacturing individual tools, are significantly more economical than custom manufacturing and have the great benefit of ensuring rapid availability.

Flexible all-round machine

The combination of the LEANTOOL L250 system for bending operations and the standardized cutting frames for punching work make the GRM-NC stamping and bending machines perfect for the linear production of small to medium batch sizes in large numbers of variants. The GRM-NC can be used as a genuinely all-round machine due to the fact that it combines a number of different tool technologies: Thus, legacy tools from the existing series of GRM mechanical machines can continue to be adapted as in the past, all LEANTOOL L250 Linear tools can be used, and LEANTOOL Radial can also be run. In practice, this high level of flexibility, combined with the extremely short machine setup times provides a number of crucial advantages. Thus, with the GRM-NC, Production Managers always have access to an all-round machine on which they can, in principle, set up any tool they want from the different tool technologies and start production – and do so quickly and easily to ensure very fast reaction times. In the Bihler product portfolio, the GRM-NC is positioned as a flexible all-round machine between the BIMERIC Modular and the LM 2000-KT and the Bihler LM 2000-NC (available from 2022) as well as the BZ 4000-KT (available from 2023).


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